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See How a ‘Big Girl’ Cried Like a Baby on Facebook After Her Boyfriend Broke Her Heart (Photos)

A girl has left many people in shock after she publicly posted photos of herself crying profusely on Facebook after her boyfriend broke up with her.





A Nigerian woman, Princess Chioma has stirred controversy on Facebook after she posted photos of herself seriously crying because the boyfriend broke up with her.

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The girl could not hide her anger and disappointment. But, many people have attacked her as they believe the issue should be treated as personal instead of running to the social media to make everything public.

The girl wrote: “I gave him all my heart and all he did to me is this??? Following my heart is the worst mistakes I always make. Don’t blame me for posting this but I got to.” Chioma wrote.

It is believed the man who broke her heart identified as Shedrack had used her throughout the relationship.

“Nkechi na the same Shedrack case. It pains me that all the while he has been using me. The most painful part of it was the time I wasted, the luck I missed and the insults. The enemies I made – you know what Ada did to me because of him. So tell me the reason why I shouldn’t cry?” she added.

5 Comments on See How a ‘Big Girl’ Cried Like a Baby on Facebook After Her Boyfriend Broke Her Heart (Photos)

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  3. U dey cry and u still d snap…abeggi


  4. Have Hope


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