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See How ‘Nigerian Evangelist’ Wooing Woman on Facebook was Exposed (Photo+Screenshots)

A so-called Nigerian evangelist has incurred the wrath of many people on Facebook after his clandestine activity was exposed.

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A self-professed Evangelist has been caught ‘off-side’ after he manipulated his way to a woman’s inbox only to be exposed. The cunning manner he started with by asking the woman if she was married before going ahead to ask her to marry him gave him out as cheap and fake.

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The shameless man identified as Evangelist Ezekiel Austin has been blasted because of his unusual tactics in which he first posted things about religion before he now deviated from the topic.

“O no no no…..that guy is a fake man of god.

“I am the real man of god… me when I tell you that flesh and blood did not reveal this to me….the lord has revealed you to be my wife,” someone wrote.

“And his name is EVANGELIST?! Chaaaaaiii fire of rebuke go toast him one day!!! Hahahahaha,” another commented.

“My man of god come and collect hi five. You try small but you’re not a sharp man. I don’t Even accept people with such names. Oloriburuku okunrin,” another added.

“You are mad. And better don’t talk too much here before you get yourself into trouble..Carry your shame and be going,” someone else wrote.

“You are a disgrace to whatever you are and all other evangelists.
Omo ale,” added another person.

Many were left angry by the evangelist as he is known for posting religious posts which have now been termed deceptive as it does not tally with his way of life.

He has been accused of hiding under the name to exploit and deceive people.

2 Comments on See How ‘Nigerian Evangelist’ Wooing Woman on Facebook was Exposed (Photo+Screenshots)

  1. Which kind Evangelist be this…. someone u ave not met, and u wnt her to be your life partner


  2. Nature is beautiful
    God created nature
    Everything created by God is perfect
    Nature superceeds everything man made, including religion
    All these pretences about being holier than others are mere crap
    A lot do happen behind the scene, involving many of these men and women that condemn others in this forum


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