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5 Comments on EFCC foils Patience Jonathan’s attempts to withdraw $5m from frozen account

  1. Chai…. madam p…. is only u waka cum


  2. It’s high time this old fashioned bimbo, patience, is sent to jail for her disregard for the law


  3. She still doesn’t get it, does she? It is not your money. Work as hard as any other Nigerian and see how long it will take you to make $15m.


  4. With a No Debit order already on the account, why did Skye Bank still call EFCC to receive instructions? Does it mean that Skye Bank forgot there was already a No Debit order in force on the account? Abi na wetin dey happen?
    Issokay sha!


  5. Methinks those staff of Skye Bank are already intimidated bu Madam P otherwise like @ Jay asked why contacting EFCC instead of turning down the request right away. It will be the greatest mistake of their life if they allow Madam P to withdraw from the account with no debit status still
    subsisting on the account. Lily livered Skyebankers!


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