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Alluring Nude Photos of Donald Trump’s Wife Leaks Online Ahead of U.S Presidential Election (Photos)

Former model, Melania Trump has been misrepresented in the media again as her naughty photos have been leaked for suspected political reasons.







Popular American magazine, GQ has released fresh questionable photos of Melania Knauss Trump which were taken 15 years ago during her time as a glamour model.

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According to reports, she was the girlfriend of the U.S Republican candidate, Donald Trump when the photo-shoot was done.

The naked profile shoot was on Donald Trump’s customised Boeing 727 as it featured Melania wearing handcuffs, wielding diamonds, and holding a chrome pistol.

This is coming in less than 48 hours to the highly contested United States of America presidential elections with Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton who was a former Secretary of State tipped to defeat Melania’s husband.

There are indications that the pictures were controversially released to scuttle the chances of Trump’s emergence as President in the election which has attracted global attention.

It would be recalled that this is the second time Mrs Trump’s nude photos are hiting the media since her husband gained political prominence.

7 Comments on Alluring Nude Photos of Donald Trump’s Wife Leaks Online Ahead of U.S Presidential Election (Photos)

  1. What a shame


  2. This one na big fuck up ooooooooo


  3. What’s the point of the whole story when we can’t even view the picture


  4. Lesson for other big one in town now


  5. Politics is a dirty game, honestly.


  6. Well,for me,who eva leaked d pic is jst looking for cheap recognition. And rly wats d term #leaked# about d pictures??. C’mon,those pic were taken wen she was a model,not a prostitute! Soo wats d biggy?. If this came out during a lawsuit n am d judge,well she ll win for this reason,cos its rly absurd to want to defame some1 for nuffin. Its her career..yh! Modelling is a career. A booming one dat a cheap minded journalist or hacker or *leaker* wld wish he/she was involved in! Thumbs up to Melanie,she’s goh such a beautiful body. And for her to become a wifey frm gfrnd status,then I Bet she had more to offer than jst a pretty face or body. I fink dats wah whoeva came up wt d pictures lack!#common sense ain’t common at all!


  7. Big lesson. We should be mindful of what we do or say today as they could hunt us tomorrow.


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