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(Episode 4) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

Caro rushed into the hospital with a long flared color mixed skirt, it was the general hospital. Harmattan had just started. It was dark and cold outside but inside the hospital, it looked like the moon had made it, its dwelling place, inside glowed, the long fluorescents were responsible for the moon like brightness. Caro ran down the crowded and busy hospital hall, dodging bodies; nurses were running left right and center, Doctors ran with stethoscope curled around their necks in different directions. But most of them headed towards the emergency ward. Caro was confused; the smell of Dettol and drugs mixed in the air hit her nose very hard. She hated hospital, it made her nauseous.


Caro: “Oh, my sweet Karu, doesn’t leave me iyeh, biko nu? I wiri jus’ dead!” she sobbed.

Her mind flew to all the sweet memories they had shared, she sobbed the more.  How he would always help her loosen her hair. There was a time she fell very ill and her head ached in a vicious manner she thought she was going to die, the braid she had on was responsible, the woman who made it plaited it too tight, Kalu was to go out for an important event but he abandoned the function and stayed back to loosen the hair, it took hours but with patience he finished it,

Kalu: “See my baby want to kill herself all in the time of beauty, chai! I’ve told you that you don’t need all these, you are naturally beautiful!” he made her smile like an innocent child.

She stood at the middle  of the hall, some people shoved pass her, a few excused her. Tears ran down; she was sobbing. She seemed invisible; everyone had their own headaches to worry about. Acting on impulse, she grabbed the hand of a nurse who was about to pass, almost throwing down a tray in her hands, her name was Blessing, the badge on her chest revealed.

Blessing: “Young lady, what’s wrong you!?” she yelled.

Caro: “Sorry!” Caro withdraw into her shell, the scream had frightened the living day out of her.

The nurse, offended, hissed and left.

She became more perturbed, where was her Kalu? Like one possessed by a new demon, she ran towards another nurse who was opening a door with the inscription on the door as “Lab!”

Caro: “Squeeze me,auntie!” the nurse stopped and turned leaving the door half opened; she was tall with an ebony complexion, Florence appears on the badge on her chest.

Florence: “Yes, how can I be of help?” Caro, suddenly, lost her voice, “See I’m in a hurry!”

Caro: “please, eh, I’m look for Kalu!”

Florence: “Excuse me? Kalu?”

Caro: “Eh!” she nodded “Nurse iyaff called me dat my boyfriend,Kalu, is dey here on di admission!”

Florence, couldn’t hold it, she let out a laughter,

Florence: “Young Lady I truly can’t understand you. What are you saying?”

Caro annoyed,

Caro: “I say, my boyfriend Karu is dey, “gesticulated, “one Nurse,e name bi Rosaling called me!” Florence, was in tears, gasping for air, Caro stood steaming with annoyance, she was aware that her bad English was responsible for the mockery she was been subjected to, in her heart she cried, “once Karu iyaff well. I’m went adult class. I is tired of the laughter everybody laff at me!”

Florence, getting a hold of herself,

Florence: “See eh, I still can’t understand you…”

Caro: “Ah,ah!” angered.

Florence: “But I hear you mention nurse Roseline! She isn’t on duty,eh”

Caro puts her hand on the head,

Caro: “Chai! Karu,where you ooo!” she started crying.

Florence: “Need to cry.I’ll take you to nurse Maimuna,who Roseline handed over to. Oya follow me,” she closed the door and followed down the corridor,

Caro: “Tanks you!”

Caro followed her in haste. They bump into Maimuna who seemed to be in a hurry,

Florence: “Maimuna, na your side we dey come sef.”

Maimuna: “Hope all is well?”

Florence: “This lady here says she is looking for her patient…”

Caro cut in,

Caro: “Karu,na e name!”

Maimuna: “Oh,wait for me here. Lemme quickly see Dr. Greg!” She pointed at her seat, Caro sat.

Caro: “Tanks you,ma!”

Maimuna gazed at Florence and they giggled, they walked away,Caro rolled her eyes in anger,

Caro: “Mtchew. Two both ugly nurse!”

Florence turned to Maimuna,

Florence: “ I suspect you and Doc, Greg o!”

Maimuna: “Flore, you don start abi?”

Florence: “No bi true?” they both laughed.

Maimuna is about to enter Dr. Greg’s office, Florence stopped at the door too.

Maimuna: “carry your wahala dey go joor!”

Florence: “Small small o!!!!”

Maimuna jokingly insults her by showing Florence five fingers,

Maimuna: “Waka!”

Florence giggled, walked away as Maimuna entered the office.


Caro threw herself on Kalu’s bed, who was lifeless on the bed with a bandaged head, it was Maimuna that pushed her aside,

Maimuna: “Take it easy! Do you want to kill him?” Caro knelt beside Kalu’s bed sobbing, “Get a hold of yourself!”

Caro had received a call from a nurse, who told her that Kalu was brought in by some people but abandoned him shortly. She had gone through his phone and saw “Melody” as his last dialed call; that was how she got in touch with Caro.

Maimuna excused herself and Caro was left with Kalu,sat by him, fondling with his hands ,

The thought of losing Kalu made Caro moody as she broke into a soulful song in Igbo, not minding if that would disturb the rest of the patients in male ward, a nurse attending to one of the patients said, “my friend, do you know he is in a critical condition? You go worsen e situation wit dat noise!” she snapped at her, “besides you aren’t the only one here!”

Caro: “Ah,ah. It is not noise I make. I singing, e favoulite song!” whispered, the warning annoyed her but she had no choice.

After an hour Caro dozed off on a chair, Ibe entered and tapped her, with bleary eyes, she stared at him,

Caro: “Ibe, you are come,” she said in a croaked voice.

Ibe: “Yes, how is he doing?” he stared at the friend, “rushed down when I heard the news!”

Caro: “Hmm” with a sullen face, “e eyes and mouth no opens since iyaff come!”

Ibe: “eh? Okay lemme go and see the doctor.

A doctor came in, Greg, was written on his coat, Ibe stood up,

Ibe:” Good evening,doctor!”

Greg: “Evening,bro!”

Ibe introduced himself and Caro as Kalu’s friend and girlfriend. Greg tried talking to Caro but Ibe who was not ready to be embarrassed by her English, diverted his attention,

Ibe: “Doc, what’s wrong with him?”

Ibe wasn’t in support of their relationship; he felt it was insulting for an educated man to marry a woman who had barely finished primary school.

Greg couldn’t take his eye off Caro, no man would. She was close to perfection, her beauty. They were told Kalu was concussed. Ibe and Caro were both worried.

Was Kalu going to die? Would Caro carry her threat of killing herself if Kalu died?

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41 Comments on (Episode 4) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

  1. Adepoju Sexy // November 7, 2016 at 11:46 am // Reply

    If Education is expensive.. what about ignorance? next pls


  2. Hmm.. Caro must be an epitome of beauty. Her weakness in life is.. Grammar


  3. She’s such a beauty that Dr Greg couldn’t take his eye off her, no man would. She was close to perfection, her beauty. Hhmmm… i can imagine that! Next please


  4. Chaaaiiieeehh (in mama p’s voice).. Adelove what does i did you? LOL. Why my name na?

    Caro: “Oh, my sweet Karu, doesn’t leave me here biko? I wiri jus’ dead!” she sobbed.


  5. i’m just bothered, will caro ever cope with? If Kalu becomes tomorrow’s President, who will speak as First Lady?


  6. This is nothing but a pure love. I go love ooo


  7. Aww.. that was so sweet of Kalu for braiding Caro’s hair. Such a Perfect Gentleman


  8. Esther Nnoli // November 7, 2016 at 11:52 am // Reply

    Next please.. i have no doubt this is another interesting story.


  9. This Caro english sef.. can’t stop laughing hehehehe


  10. Everyone has a but in there life, Caroline embodiment of beauty with bad grammar


  11. I wonder if guys like Kalu still exist in this world.l used to thinking they have gone into extinction and do only exist in literatures


  12. Love without English


  13. This story is going to be so interesting


  14. Karu my ruva……………Lwkmd o


  15. That’s lovely AdeLove crew!!!Next ooo jare


  16. Ehya but I really pity her though


  17. Next episode,nothing like true love


  18. Those nurses eh! Caro should better start evening school.


  19. Caro no even go sch at all ni?


  20. Waiting for the next episode adelove


  21. So interesting plssss next episode


  22. Guys like kanu don’t exist truly, this is only but literature


  23. ngirigbo.abi na english.caro is just too funny.though not her fault anyways.but funny


  24. l believe in education, bt hw i wish our young guys of this 21st century can date or marry a girl like caro wit d way she speaks.


  25. Av not seen d last episode of d thorn dat almost ruin mylife


  26. Great….so interesting


  27. “squeeze me’ antie”!
    Well just bypassing and found this site and i guess the blogger is nigerian cos of the dialects(igbo and yoruba) that is evident in most of the stories.
    Anyway people from GH are loving caro and her grammar. True love they say…


  28. Iyafu read it finish.


  29. kingsley duke // November 7, 2016 at 5:29 pm // Reply

    Wow! Does this kind of love exist in the present day or is just a mere storurs just like nollywood? Kalu indeed is a true lover…love bird.


  30. It’s so hard to believe that true love still exists. I love Kalu’s decision of loving Caro not listening to his mum


  31. Eh!” she nods “Nurse iyaff called me dat my boyfriend,Kalu, is dey here on di admission


  32. Wonderful story, waiting for d next episode. True love can only be seen in a movie or read in a book.


  33. Mmmmm…. Interesting! Is me iyaf finis… ?


  34. Pls let her go for dat adult education, chaiiii dis kind sparkling engilis!!!


  35. Ifeanyi Anderson // November 7, 2016 at 8:55 pm // Reply

    Adelove,dis episode is too short,where is Ene,Iya kpati & mama Chinedu???


  36. Ahh I almost burn my soup on fire, this is another interesting story mehn! Thumb up for adelove!


  37. hmm. Episode 5 pls


  38. what is this world turning into
    Carolina is beautiful but nt educated some re educated nd nt beautiful,some Evn lack both. nice one adelove keep it up


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