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Nigerians ‘fear’ Trump win – report

Many Nigerians have reportedly said that they would prefer Democrats leader Hillary Clinton over her main rival Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump in becoming the next US president.


According to BBC, many Nigerians were concerned about the New York City born billionaire’s immigration policies.

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Furthermore, some of the Nigerians were also fearful of the impact this would have on their own livelihoods as they were also dependent on financial support from their relatives abroad.

In his campaign trail the property mogul indicated that he would look into a possible ban on immigration.

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Trump, who spoke during his last round of campaigning in Minnesota, vowed that his administration would not allow any refugees “without the support and consent of local communities”.

In recent weeks, Nigeria’s Nobel literature laureate Wolo Soyinka said that he would cut up his green card if Trump won the US presidency.

Soyinka said it was highly “unlikely that Trump would win the upcoming elections”.

He, however, cautioned that if he did, the “first thing he’ll do is to say [that] all green card holders must reapply to come into the US.

5 Comments on Nigerians ‘fear’ Trump win – report

  1. The man is deadly


  2. Bully boy!


  3. Afolabi Olanipekun // November 8, 2016 at 10:26 pm // Reply

    He can never ever win


  4. Amen in Jesus Name


  5. If he wins oil price wil raise again to 150 dollar per barrel. As in d days of bush


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