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(Episode 9) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

Tanko stopped the car where Caro had asked them to park, close to Kalu’s gate. It was a rough path with potholes everywhere. The young covered the nose as Caro led them in. They met by Ene and Iya Kpati who were feasting groundnuts- they seemed to be looking at the men with Caro in a strange manner,


Caro  greeted,

Caro: “Good mornings!” Ene giggled but Iya kpati responded and nudged Ene.

Iya Kpati: “Ehen Caro welcomes,”whispered to Ene,”What is you laugh na eh, Osi!”

Ene: “Ah-ah na!” Ene was fond of making fun of Caro for the spoken English.

Caro noticed the strange gazes,

Caro: “Shey my Karu is alound?” the young man almost giggling held it as his boss gives a stern look.

Iya Kpati: “E just commoting nisin-sin!”Ene bowed her head laughing, Iya Kpati gawked at her, “Ehen, calls him na!”

Caro: “Eh, is true!”

Iya Kpati: “Shey, all e well!”

Caro nodded as she dialed his number, Iya Kpati gave them bench to sit as Ene sat in a way that she would be noticed shooting out her chest to make her small sized breasts look ample. She was looking at the Tanko especially,she had a thing for wealthy old men.

In less than ten minutes, Kalu arrived. Took them into his room. Tanko and the young man introduced themselves and they narrated how they had met with Caro and what they want of him,

Tanko: “She told us you’re the only relative she has and we would love to you to come to our office on Monday so our lawyers can break down the contract for you so we can officially start with us.”

Kalu excited embraced Caro, who was acting shy,

Kalu: “Eh? Caro is going to be a model? A topnotch model oo! No problem sir!”

Tanko smiled,

Tanko: “We can’t wait to have her work with us! Who are you to her again?”

Kalu: “Boyfr… sorry husband to be!” the young man didn’t look pleased, he whispered something into the ears of his boss, who cleared his throat.

Tanko: “Okay, that’s nice! But isn’t there any blood relative we can talk to?”Caro looked at them then at Kalu and shook her head, she didn’t want her aunt to be involved, “Noo?” he looked at Kalu ignoring Caro,who was pinching Kalu to agree.

Kalu grunted,

Kalu:”Actually,yes her aunty!” he refused to look at Caro, she vexed at him.

Tanko: “let’s meet her then!” he stood up and made for the door.

They all drove to her auntie’s house and they met her and the husband at home. Immediately she saw Kalu she flared up not minding that strangers were there,

Aunty Amarachi: “You this good for nothing fellow what are you doing in my house!?” Kalu stuttered, “my friend before I close and open my eyes I want you out of her immediately!” she yelled, Kalu was fuming,Caro’s aunty never liked him. Tanko tapped him to excuse them. Tears had already filled Caro’s eyes. Kalu left. She turned to the strangers, “ehen,how can I help you,gentlemen? Hope you didn’t come to ask for my daughter’s hand for that jobless smelling fellow!”

Tanko: “No,madam we are here for a different reason. Can we please sit?” Tanko and the young man exchanged glances. They sat, Tanko went on with his narration, and how they met with Caro, “We want her to be Eclaire’s model. She’d be on the cover page of our magazine!”

Her Aunty’s husband who had pretended to be asleep jerked up, shocked, she was shocked too,

Aunty Amarachi: “Model?” they shook their heads as her husband shook his perplexed, she sighed and shook the head in disapproval. “Caro cannot be a model. Mba!”

Tanko: “But why, madam?”

Aunty Amarachi: “Are you asking me that question? Who are you to decide what my niece should become? You want her to become a model so that she can be exposing her body for the whole world to see? Abi is it the fact that she will need to sleep with different men to remain at the top, ehn? You think I am too old to know how you people exploit your models?”

Tanko: “That is a misconception, madam. We don’t…”

Aunty Amarachi: “Just hold it there, you all are birds of the same feather, no difference.”

She refused saying she was a Christian and wouldn’t subject her daughter to a life of carnality. Caro was already crying. Wondering why her aunt claimed to be her mother. Tanko, frustrated, tried persuading her,she shouted at them, “Gentle men leave my house this minute! That’s how you go about using girls for prostitution in the name of modeling!” turned to Caro “Caro, oya get inside the bedroom. Nonsense!” she flared up

She them chased out, Caro started crying with a very loud voice. Kalu knew things didn’t go well at all. He tried persuading them to stay but they said they needed her approval first,

Tanko: “There’s little I can do! I need her mother’s approval first,”he entered the car.

Kalu frustrated,

Kalu: “that witch isn’t her mother. She is just a wicked aunty! You shouldn’t allow her make you change your mind about Caro.”

Tanko: “Mr. Kalu,like I said I don’t do business like that, I do not want any scandal in the company as a result of this. I don’t want this to bring discord between the family. I believe so much in family. Maybe when she calms down we could reconsider!”

They drove off!


Caro noticed her aunty’s husband was acting somehow towards her, threw her angry gazes even when she served him dinner. When she had greeted them earlier it was only her aunty that answered but he gave her deaf ears, she hissed-she was in a bad mood.

Caro: “Mumu man. Who wanting to greet him sef? Lubbish!”  she wished she could have the guts to poison them

But even when he was acting all angry, she could notice lustful stare from him tearing at her body; she had promised that when she finished dinner she’d retire early to bed.

Amarachi: “Pet,I need to go to bed! I don’t feel too well” her aunty told the husband,who was busying watching cable news he nodded, she turned to Caro, “Make sure all the doors are locked and don’t forget to put the soup in the fridge.”

Caro didn’t respond for she was mad at her.

Amarachi left for the room, Caro quickly did what she was supposed to do and bolted the door to her room; she wasn’t comfortable with his gazes.

After an hour, sure that his wife was asleep, Caro had a light knock on the door but she pretended to be asleep ,it continued then followed by Peter’s voice, he had told himself that he must sleep with her either by hook or crook,

Peter: “She can’t become a model when she hasn’t gone through my baptism,” he held his balls, “I’m glad her aunty refused her maybe if I succeed in having her like five times then I’ll tell to let her go!”he thought.

Peter: “Caro,come and boil peer for me!” he said in a command tone, he stood by the door waiting, dragging herself out of the bed, she sulked as she opened the door, when she came out, he repeated his words, “Go and boil peers for me!”

She left for the kitchen in a sleepy state, minutes later it was ready,

Peter: “Come and drop it here,” he pointed to a stool besides him as she dropped it like a dream, he pushed her and pounced on her, out of fear she was screaming atop the voice, noticing his wife’s foot steps, he threw her on the cushion and slapped her,

Amarachi: “What’s this?”

Peter with bloodshot eyes yelled,

Peter: “Send this prostitute out of this house! She tried seducing me!”

He went into the room, Caro flung to the cushion rubbing where the slap landed was sobbing bitterly; Amarachi stood looking at her with cold eyes biting her lower lips.

Question: “who will Amarachi believe? Why humans are desperately wicked? Is she going to send Caro out of her house? Why was her aunt against her modeling career: is it because of envy or she is protecting her? Would they come back for Caro?”  If you are in Caro’s shoes, what will you do?”

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70 Comments on (Episode 9) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

  1. Esther Nnoli // November 9, 2016 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    hmmm… this is not good for Caro.. next please


  2. Whhhaaat? How dare Aunt Amarachi and her flirty Peter. I cannot allow this. Instead, i will declare Kalu as my Husband instead of Boyfriend. Next please


  3. This is getting more interesting


  4. hmm.. it’s getting more twisted and complicated. The Lord is your muscle @Caro


  5. i believe her Aunt will discover her husband as cheat and allow Caro to cotinue her modelling


  6. This story is killing me with suspense. next please


  7. Womanizer indeed,I pity Caro too much


  8. Thats opportunity!!!s so it will be ok for her if they send out


  9. nice one


  10. She should get a knife and cut him somewhere in his body, May be he will learn some lessons


  11. This is not good for Caro at all!!!I dont even know why some men behave like animal!!look at the Antys husband who is acting Like a male goat looking for female!!she should go away from them and pursue her career jare!!!Next pls


  12. i blame kalu caro told him nt to involve her aunty bt he wont listen


  13. Ah!! caro d lord is ur charger ooo.. Eyah.. I think its high time u consider dealing with dat ur aunts stupid husband!!


  14. Her aunty knew about Peter dirty trick towards Caro and will send him packing. I belief she left for bed early just to catch him in the act.


  15. Hmmmm,it’s getting interesting.


  16. Wow so interesting story, please hurry up with Episode 10.


  17. Wow so interesting, pls hurry up with Episode 10 I can’t wait. I pray caro go for the modelling stuff.


  18. I think Caro’s aunt is protecting her, but I don’t want her to lost this opportunity. Next episode plsssss


  19. How do we read stories from your archive


    • @Temi, scroll up, you will see AdeLove Stories at the top.. click on it.. there are lot of stories in there. That’s how i do get my updates too. i hope this helps


  20. Comfort Odey // November 9, 2016 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    This is getting interesting. I just pity Caro becoz that Aunty of hers will believe her husband


  21. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, kalu don fuck up, him for just claim husband ooooooo, him for tell tanko say caro na orphan ooooooo, him pick am cum make am em wifeeeee ooiooooo. Chai, see bad market. Make dem just pursue caro make she go stay with karu em rova, so dat her modeling plans go hold abeg.


  22. FAVOUR akachukwu okoye // November 9, 2016 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Lol. Next pls


  23. wat is written is written…. If Dady Trump can make it den no body can stp Caro frm progressing.


  24. Ifeanyi Anderson // November 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    Abeg Eneh shuld park well,wat is feeling like?as for caro,only time will tell


  25. Chai that peter na assistant devil ooh


  26. Caro should leave their house for them so she can have authority on her density. Wick Peter and his stupid wife. Pls next.


  27. Adeyemi Olufolake is it prophecy?


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  29. Definitely she will believe her husband and send Caro away.


  30. if am in her i ll send myself packing o bf anty Amarachi think of it. den go n stay with kalu for them to think of of the next plan. next episode plsssss


  31. uroko patience // November 9, 2016 at 9:32 pm // Reply

    Hmmmmmm….you can imagine. It is written “the heart of man is desperately wicked” Caro’you shall overcome.


  32. Dis s true love nd i wish


  33. I wish it never happened 4 real 2 u


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  35. Hahah the grama na wa oo


  36. wat a wicked world. plz nxt


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  38. Peter is a very wicked man


  39. Kalu would have listened to Caro and accepted to be her only relative


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  45. Kalu always like to play a good boy, see how he put Caro in a big trouble now, any way Caro’s future is bright she will make it in life


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