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See Two Topless Women Protesting Against Donald Trump for Winning the Presidential Election (Photos)

Two women went on rampage after hearing that Donald Trump had won the election by stripping half-n*ked in protest.

woman-naked-1 woman-naked-2 woman-naked-3

In a bizarre incident, two topless women had to be removed from a voting station as they chanted loudly in protest against Donald Trump.

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According to reports, the incident happened at the New York voting station, where the Republican candidate voted just hours later, and was raided by the two women who were topless.

They then began chanting with their fists in the air.

While eyewitnesses could not be sure exactly what the women were saying, one woman who filmed the protest said she thought she may have heard them say: “Trump, grab your b****, get out of my p****.”

One of the women had “Femen USA” written on their back, a reference to the feminist campaigning group. Another woman had “Hate out of my polls” written across her chest.

The Femen group is known for its controversial topless protests, with campaigners previously staging demonstrations against religion, sexism and s*x tourism.

After being removed from New York City’s Polling Station 59, the women were arrested by police officers.

They managed to stage their protest, which took place just before 9am, for approximately 30 seconds before being apprehended, eyewitnesses said.

6 Comments on See Two Topless Women Protesting Against Donald Trump for Winning the Presidential Election (Photos)

  1. Like seriously


  2. Some people cha!!!Am this sure she has not mate this man before


  3. no one expeced it ,naaaits nt deir fault


  4. Many are mad, few are roaming


  5. These are the people Clinton represented physically & spiritually, she could never be president because those are not our values as human beings, Democrats are simply unbelievable!


  6. The bloody prostitutes should jump into the antlantic ocean if they are really serious
    Trump has won and he has won
    Every other mourner like those whores who cannot bear the reality on ground can commit suicide


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