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Ferguson reveals the secret to his longevity at Man Utd

Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed the changes he made to his lifestyle to ensure he could keep on going at the very top level until his 70s.

Ferguson reveals the secret to his longevity at Man Utd

The legendary manager is regarded as one of the most successful coaches in the game’s history, having won 38 trophies in 26 years at Old Trafford.

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But Ferguson admits he had to slow down a little in his final ten years at the club, ensuring he slept more and socialised less to stop his energy from waning.

Most importantly, the Scot stressed that he didn’t want his players to notice that sign of ageing.

‘When I was a young man I wanted to be in charge of everything. I wanted to rule the world,’ he told The Sun.

‘When you get older you realise it is not worth it and you have to trust people around you. After ten years at United I decided I should be delegating, I should be trusting people around me and I had fantastic staff.

‘Also, when I joined United I was full of energy but, as you get older, your energy wanes – but I did not want the players to see that.

‘When I was younger I would have four or five hours’ sleep but when I got into my 60s I needed seven hours.

‘I also changed the food I ate. I never went out on a Saturday night any more, I went home because I was exhausted.

‘So I made changes in myself because I wanted the players to see that I still had that energy.’

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