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Man Who Works in the Porn Industry Reveals Dirtiest Secrets…You Will Be Shocked

A man who works in the porn industry has revealed so much that happens behind the scene many people do not know about.


It’s a billion dollar industry and on average, there’s more than 28,000 people watching porn on the internet every second. A guy who edits those films for a living has spilled about all the things you don’t see on camera.

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In a candid Reddit thread, user teekayxxx_ama invited social media fans to ask him anything about his unusual career choice.

He said: “I’ve been editing porn for half a decade.

“I also do other things for porn, like marketing and coming up with parody ideas. People have been asking me to do an AMA for a while now, but I kept putting it off. Now seems like as good of a time as any.

“So, ask me anything about editing porn, my life, or this scene. I’m here all day.”

1. What inspired you to get into the porn industry?

“I got in by accident. I sent out my one and only resume ever to a website company, and it wasn’t until my second interview that I found out it was a porn company. It was pretty crazy.”

2. Do you watch porn or has being in the business ruined it for you?

“I was never much of a porn watcher. Nobody will believe this, but it’s true. So no, it hasn’t ruined anything.

“That being said, I don’t think I could get off to anything I’ve had a hand in editing. I’d be too distracted, knowing what went on behind the scenes and between cuts.”

3. What aspects of porn do you consistently edit out?

“Most boringly, things like ‘action’, ‘cut’ and instructions like ‘slide into lazy doggie in like 10 seconds’.

“Girls still do porn during that time of the month and sometimes the makeup sponges they shove way down in there don’t cut it, so I have to splice out blood.”

4. Favourite scene you’ve edited?

“There’s a James Bond parody that isn’t online yet. It turned out really well. It’s always fun to edit something that isn’t just s*x. Some days, the old in-out in-out can get boring after a while.”

5. Do you ever get really turned on by your job or are you immune?

“Honestly, mostly immune. Mostly. I take meds (don’t tell anyone) for anxiety and they get in the way of arousal.

“It sucks for my personal life, but makes editing porn a lot less uncomfortable.”

6. How long does it take to edit a porn scene?

“Depends on the scene and the person who shot the scene. This one producer never really talks, so I can edit the scene at almost 2x.

“Sure, it sounds like chipmunks having s*x, but I can get it finished faster.

“The ones with more complex intros, or directors who are more particular about how the talent positions themselves and make lots of notes take longer.

“The ones that take the longest are the parodies, because I have to spend a lot of time coming up with special effects or title sequences. So somewhere between an hour, and a few days.”

7. Is it true that once you’re working in the porn industry, you’re pretty much blacklisted from any other entertainment industry?

“Potentially, but only if people find out. Because I’m behind the scenes, I doubt I’d have this problem.

“Sylvester Stallone, Cameron Diaz, Jackie Chan (sort of) and a bunch of the girls from Game of Thrones like Tyrion’s girlfriend “Shae” started in porn, and they have careers.

“Others, like teachers or beauty pageant contestants get f***** over if their secret gets leaked.”

8. How’s the pay?

“Because my boss is probably reading this: Amazing. Realistically, it pays the bills. I’m no millionaire though, not by a long shot.”

9. Are there any downsides of your job?

“Being anonymous. Legally, I can’t gloat to all of my friends that something I edited made it to the front page of news websites.

“I’m not allowed to talk about my job. That’s the only major downside.

“Also, I couldn’t really put ‘edits porn’ in a resume. So, five years of ‘something’ that I can’t really talk about with any future employers.”

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