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Meet the Beautiful 19-year-old Lady Who Sold Her Body Online to Save Her Sick Mother (Photos)

A young lady whose mother has been bedridden with a mind-numbing sickness, has resorted to overly desperate measures to find solution.





A young lady identified as Cao Mengyuan is in a serious dilemma. The young lady whose mother has been stricken with cancer is now seeking for help through desperate measures.

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The desperate 19-year-old in China, posted an advertisement to sell herself in order to raise money for her ill mother’s medical treatment.

In a post on Chinese social media, Cao Mengyuan said the treatment would cost around 350,000 Yuan (£41,000), but whoever offered the highest price would win the right to ‘use her body at will’.

According to reports, an insider today, revealed that a ‘generous boss’ had responded to the advertisement and agreed to help Cao cover her mother’s medical bills.

However, the insider declined to reveal what the man intended to do with Cao.

Cao posted the advertisement titled ‘(I am) selling myself’ on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform. Cao claimed in the post that she was born and raised at a rural household in Gaozhou city of southern China.

She said her mother was 45-years-old and had been a farmer all her life. She also said her mother had been diagnosed with skin cancer recently and had been admitted into the Gaozhou People’s Hospital for almost a week.

She added that her mother’s health was deteriorating and serious infection had started developing on her right thigh.

Cao said that to treat her mother’s illness, they would need about 350,000 Yuan (£41,604), however her mother did not have medical insurance and her family would not be able to afford the cost.

Cao wrote in the post: ‘I wish that a kind-hearted person could buy me, so my mother can undergo the operation.’

The message went on: ‘After the transaction, I am willing to work at the will of the buyer in return. I will do whatever the buyer asked me to do. I never go back on my word.’

At the end of the post, Cao wrote: ‘Everything I said is true. I will sell myself to the highest bidder.’

Then the young woman left her contact number.

Cao also said that she was the eldest of five children in her family and that she was responsible for her family’s misfortune.

According to the reports, Cao dropped out of high school due to her family’s poor financial situation and is currently working as a labourer picking up casual shifts.

She earned less than 1,000 Yuan (£118) every month to support her family members, including her elderly father and young siblings.

The report also said that the doctors at the Gaozhou People’s Hospital had suggested her mother, named Wu Zhaofang, be transferred to a larger hospital.

However, Cao and her family couldn’t afford to do so. Her social media post has ignited thousands of comments, with many people expressing sympathy towards Cao.

One user said: ‘If I were her, I might do the same thing.’

Another one said: ‘Rich kids can spend 350,000 yuan in a few months, while it’s astronomical for a poor family.’

A third user said: ‘Although she’s innocent, I really don’t think we should encourage such behavior.’

Huang Qiliang, the founder of a Chinese charity, told MailOnline today that Cao’s story was true.

Mr Huang runs Gong Yi Pai Ke, an nonprofit organization which helps connect donors with people in need of medical funds and tuition fees.

He told Newsmen that he visited Cao and her mother at Gaozhou People’s Hospital on November 6, adding that a ‘generous boss’ had agreed to pay all the medical bills for Cao’s mother after seeing Cao’s post.

Mr Huang declined to reveal what the man intended to do with Cao. However, he added: ‘It has been settled. She doesn’t have to sell anything now.’

Cao’s mother is expected to receive operation in the future, according to Mr Huang.

5 Comments on Meet the Beautiful 19-year-old Lady Who Sold Her Body Online to Save Her Sick Mother (Photos)

  1. God help her, the poor suffer a lot of ting in life, it’s not good to born poor,


  2. God will answer you in miraculous way


  3. God is with u Sis


  4. The Lord will u through young lady


  5. The Lord almighty has used the rich boss to provide a helping hand. May the Lord grant Cao’s mother a healing from above.. amen


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