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Trump’s victory: We’ll have to retool our foreign policy, says Ogbeh

Minister for Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, has warned that authorities in Nigeria must begin to think about tinkering with the nation’s foreign policy in readiness for the consequences of Donald Trump’s Presidency in the United States of America (USA).


This is just as the Minister of Defence, Brig. Gen. Mansur Dan-Ali, insisted that the new President-elect had no alternative than to continue to support the global fight against insurgency and terrorism.

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Ogbe, while reacting to Trump’s emergence as the US President-elect and its likely effects on Nigerians living in that country said “The rest of the world will have to then carefully watch and see the impact first.

“He made comments about Nigerians when he was campaigning, that they had stolen money, they should go back to their country and live.

“He has a very low opinion of the blacks and Hispanics. We hope he will become a president now for all including Nigerians and others resident in the US.

But if he doesn’t, it means we’ll have to retune and retool our foreign policy to begin to find a situation where we may have to be welcoming some of our people if they come under extreme pressure. We hope it doesn’t happen.”

Commenting generally on Trump’s victory, Ogbeh said “I am in a bit of shock but we are witnessing some very dramatic changes in the world and I think some of these things began many years ago.

“The current economic theory ravaging the world is now reaching the poor and the ordinary people. It’s causing a lot of stress. Brexit happened, America has done this now. Many other countries are going to have near extremism ruling the minds of people.

“Trump’s language before the elections definitely did not endear him to people. It scared a lot of people and yet he got this massive support. Which means there is something fundamentally wrong and some of us have been complaining even here for 30 years.

“The economic theories we are practicing are hurting too many people and so there is a lot of anger and people are looking for a way

to express it.

“In this country for instance, interest rate has remained averagely at 25 to 35 percent for for 30 years. It’s impossible for young

people to dream dreams and achieve them. The rural areas are emptying, hunger is increasing. Only a small number of people have

access to wealth. The rest are complaining but nobody is listening. That’s what has happened.

“Because, even though America is a powerful country, the wealth is in the hands of the people in the stock exchange and the big business people, the ordinary people have a rough time. Even the black people didn’t turn out to vote, they’ve lost hope. So, that’s the result.

“So, it means we have to reverse out economic thinking. If you can’t take a loan, you have no mortgage, you can’t feed your wife, your salary can’t pay school fees, you can’t even plan for tomorrow, what kind of life are you living in the country. That is what you are seeing now.

“Trump himself is one of those capitalists who have managed to exploit the system but have now turned around to bring down that system. I do hope that he can manage the US without falling into the trap he thinks he has freed the others from. Because eventually when he gets to Washington and begins to feel the pressure of the White House he may not be as calm as he was this morning when he was accepting the victory, I can assure you. Those jobs exert a lot of pressure.”

The defence minister in his reaction said, “Security wise, as always, we will always collaborate with external forces where we can get peace and tranquility in our country. As I said, I advise Nigerians to accept it and then forge ahead. Look ahead and bring about a synergy so that things can move forward.”

On whether Trump would continue the US support against terrorism, Dan-Ali said “Like I always said, insurgency is a global phenomenon whether you like it or not he must also put his efforts because it is not Nigeria alone that is suffering.

You can find insurgency today here in Nigeria, next tomorrow it could in America or Europe or anywhere in the world. So, it’s a global problem which all the nation must come together and fight it together.

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  1. Why every body de fear this guy like this nah


  2. Adjusting level we de so ooo


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  4. Well said


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