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(Episode 15) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

As he was praying to eat, a rancor came from outside, Caro paused to hear what was happening, Kalu bolted out leaving the food uncovered. Caro shook her head and covered the food then went out.

Ene was slapping Papa Chinedu on his bald head as she held him on the collar of shirt, she had on her towel and hair net. They were standing at the front of one of the shacks, they had as bathroom.

Ene: “Idiot. Ashewo, man!” she slapped the head, “Wetin you wan see eh?” she landed him another slap, “your wife own never do you, eh? See dis short old papa!”

Tenants were all out, Precious was the first to come then Kalu, they rushed to Papa Chinedu’s rescue,

Iya Kpati: “Wetin happun again,eh? Shey, somebody should no sleep, again, abi? She yelled from her room as the door was flung open, “ah, ah! H’ene, shey you no dey tire ni!”

Ene shot back,

Ene: “Hehehhehehe o! Tire for what?You know wetin e do? Na like dis una dey take put mouth for wetin no concern una. mtcheeeeew”

Precious and Kalu were pleading with her to let him go,

Ene: “I no go leave am, useless man, today na today”

Iya Kpati: “Hah! Leaf somebody e husbanding na!”
Ene: “Make una leave me o! Person wey come dey peep me as I dey baff! E must see wetin e wan see today.oya folo me,” she tightened her grip on him.

They all screamed. Precious joined in the anger,

Precious: “What’s wrong with you, old man?” she hissed, “abeg deal with em well well sef, old people wey no dey shame!” she left to her room,

Kalu kept pleading with Ene but she kept slapping and insulting, “short man, devil! Idiot! See as e bi laik wetin juju reject!” Papa Chinedu stood unable to do or say anything, was tossed around

Iya Kpati walked to where the fight was happening,

Iya Kpati: “Shiyo! Papa Shinedu, you is not a good pezin!”

Mama Chinedu is woken by the noise, she decided to see the cause. As she looked outside she sees her husband being hijacked by Ene with a speed of light, charged at her, Kalu was able to stop her from attacking Ene as she screamed,

Mama Chinedu: “Idiot geh! Leave my husband o, husband snatcher. Na your mate in be?” she struggled to find her way.

Caro was standing close to Precious, they were now laughing at the drama,

Precious: “I want Ene to deal with that useless man. Na stupid girl but I support her for dis fight!”Caro giggled.

While Kalu was trying to calm Mama Chinedu, Iya Kpati stood giving Ene sign to keep on slapping Papa Chinedu. Kalu quickly turned to rescue Papa Chinedu from Ene’s grasp, before he could finish that task, Mama Chinedu had already started a fight with Ene,who was screaming and shouting. Precious ran to her rescue. Papa Chinedu fled. As she seperated Ene and Mama Chinedu were gasping,

Mama Chinedu: “Just thank your stars oo!” she hissed and made for her room.

Iya Kpati: “Ah! Mama Shinedu, you is a stupid somebody! You know even ‘ask wetin e do! Gba, you just come dey fiast em! Mtchew, osi!”
Ene started crying, she was very vexed,

Ene: “I…I …” she stuttered.

Precious and Iya Kpati held her,

Iya Kpati : “It aff do!”

Precious: “Go inside!” Precious led her by the hand.

Kalu hissed and left for his room,

Caro: “Go and eat o!” she said in Igbo.

They entered the room.


Kalu couldn’t sleep; Caro had wandered, already, into a wonderland. The numerous squabbles that have graced the compound played in his mind. He giggled. It could make a very good Nollywood comedy series with the caption “Kalu’s Compound” he giggled again as the thought wound up. An idea struck his mind, he would start a business but how was he going to raise the money that was the problem. Should he contact Ejiro, that was off it for he heard warned her not to ever contact him besides he had deleted her number. His mother was mad at him for chasing such a good girl away instead of the witch Caro, according to her. Fine! He was going to beg Abubakar for some cash.

In the morning, Kalu woke up feeling drenched of strength. The previous day was quite dramatic. With a yawn he made for Caro with his hand but he was the only one. He opened the eyes,

Kalu: “maybe she outside!” he yawned.

With the other hand, he made for the singlet and stood up, he saw a paper on a stool with bowl placed on it. He took off the bowl and took the paper. After reading he smiled.

Kalu: “That’s good,” he smiled again.

It was Caro, she had left him a note, “I go sale. Pap is inside fud flaks!” he gave out another smile. That was a step towards progress; his lesson had started bearing fruits. Held the note, folded it neatly and kept it under his bag. She had gone out to hawk and made him Pap and Akara before going out. It was ten thirty already. He took his radio set so he could go outside and enjoy the fresh air. That was the usual routine any day he wasn’t going out. As he lobbed the door open the sun flushed on his face, it stung him, it felt like fire burn. He bowed his head and sat on the bench as the radio was turned on. The voice from the radio was the only thing that rang out of the neatly swept and empty compound. Everyone had gone out for the day’s hustle. The lady that read the news announced that Donald Trump had won the US elections. He smiled,

Kalu: “Eneojo, friend don win! Make I call em!”that was when he remembered that the phone was no more. The reactions on the radio from Nigerians cracked him up. Most Nigerians were clamouring for Clinton to win as if their votes were going to count, “ah,Naija fo life! We can swallow pills for another’s headache!” he giggled, “when our votes never count finis fo we country!”   he let out a cacophonic yawn. Hunger was beckoning.

As he stood for the room, he heard a car lock blare, he halted and the zinced gate was gently opened. Kalu didn’t know he gave out a very gracious smile, it was Mr. Tanko, and he smiled back as he walked towards him.

Tanko: “Hello, Kalu!” he dangled the car key

Kalu: “Good morning, sir!”he said really smiling.

Tanko invited them to the hotel he had lodged in, Dominion Resort in Kubwa. The contract was signed and it was agreed that the magazine would manage her.

Tanko: “congratulations our finest model!” he shook Caro, who was acting cold and shy.

Kalu: “thank you!” excited Kalu said on behalf of his lover.

The sum of fifty thousand naira was transferred into her account. It was like a dream. She was to travel to Lagos for her first photoshoot.

Tanko: “We’ve paid for her flight ticket!” turned to Kalu, “everything is set for her!”

He gave Kalu the sum of ten thousand naira. It was worth a million to him. They had gone ahead to sign the contract without  any of her relatives. Mr.Tanko didn’t care anymore- he couldn’t afford to down his boss who had insisted he sign her no matter what the condition was.


Meanwhile, Caro had been invited to attend the first phase of her runway photo shoot, excited, Kalu took her to the market with the help of Precious. They bought all she wanted,

Precious: “I can’t believe my Caro is now a star o!”

They all giggled.

On the day she was to travel as early as 3:30 am she was up,

Caro: “Babi’m, wake up oo! Time it aff do!”

Kalu wakes with a cloudy gaze,

Kalu: “Huh?”

Caro: “time oo!”

Stood up, yawning, she was holding a bucket already, he looked at the time,

Kalu: “Ah,ah! It’s just three now! It isn’t time yet! Biko, let’s sleep a little.”

Kalu went back to sleep but Caro unable to sleep sat staring blankly. Anxiety was eating her.

It was now time for their departure, she grabbed her Ghana-must-Go bag,

Kalu: “No na,baby, use the new bag now!”he pointed to the bag they had bought for her.

On her mind, she assured herself that all Kalu had bought for her would be the necessary accessories for the photo shoot; she was nervous and excited.

Caro got to Lagos just before 8:00 am, she first of all called Kalu to inform him she had landed; at Murtala International airport, Caro stood confused, not knowing where to go, holding her bag tight to avoid being snatched by thieves. Kalu had told her that Mr Tanko would send a driver to pick her and he would be with a placard with her name on it. The airport was very busy, the movement of bodies around her made her dizzy. From a distant, she saw a man with a black suit holding a placard with her name. She identified herself. The driver  switched on the air conditioner and then quickly switched it off when she complained

Caro: “Oga, prease, cold e dey… Harmattan dey catch me abeg! Dis bi like fridge oo?” she folded herself.

Driver: “I am sorry Madam. it’s the AC,” he apologised, smiled, looking at her through the mirror as he turned it off.

The driver wound down the glass and drove as fast as he could, trying to beat traffic.

Fortunately for the driver, they arrived at the hotel early enough. Caro was warmly received by the organizers, and the next day, she was made ready for the runway photo shoot. She was shut up by one of the guys meant to dress her up when she kept insisting she wore the dress bought by Kalu; there was laughter behind the runway stage- they knew they had plenty work to do on their new model. While on the runway, Caro began to shiver, anytime she was signaled to cart walk, she would get stuck in one position and stand like a frozen chicken.

It was already afternoon, and the trainers were obviously tired, Caro was not cooperating; she had refused to walk the runway. The trainers met and discussed the situation, then finally they came up with an idea; they start by asking her to walk without shoes then teach her how to walk with the shoes afterwards.


The trainers and organizers stared at Caro as she walked left and right, swinging her legs and arms in different direction, like a masquerade rehearsing for a festival; her performance was a comedy show they did not have to pay for. What amazed them most was the fact that she was confident and thought she was doing it right.

Question: “Would Caro ever learn the art of cat walking as a super model? Would the organisers have the patience to put up with her excesses? Would happens to Kalu now that Caro is away?

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