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(Episode 16) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

It was a month that Caro had gone into full time modeling. The news was buzzing on the internet; Facebook, twitter, Instagram and everywhere. It started as local news but in no time it was flying on the wings of the international stage.  Dailies and blogs both home and abroad carried the news the famous headlines were, “From Abacha to Magazine”, “From the Street to the Throne!”. She had sent copies of the magazines first edition to Kalu where she stunned eyes with her beauty that spoke in thousand volumes. She was indeed a goddess of beauty. Kalu on getting the copies distributed them to co-tenants; Ene started acting all friendly and nosy,


Ene: “Ehen,Kalu how Caro na? Where she dey now? She no go come visit us?”

Kalu irritated replied,

Kalu: “She is fine!” she went on in spite of his cold response.

Ene: “Eh?” scratched her head, “Shey una dey yarn? She still dey call you?”
Kalu gave her a stern look,

Kalu: “What kind of question is that?”

Ene: “Eh, sorry no vex! You dey harsh sha! Why your blood dey boil like that na”

Kalu: “As you can see I’m on my way out!” he left.

Ene: “Greet her for mi oo! Anytime she call, no forget to tell her say I dey always ask of her o”. she stood staring,

“Chai, lucky bobo! I no mind make e date me oo. Make we for dey folo chop Caro money! But eh, truly nobody wey no fit make am oo. See Caro wey no sabi English don turn celeb!,” on her way to the bathroom, “Karu ma rova! Lemove flom load! Heheheeh!” she mimicked Caro.

Everyone in the compound gave Kalu special treatment. He enjoyed Caro’s glory in his own local hood, the neighbourhood referred to him as, “dat Abacha model boyfriend”. Mma Kalu, had called him weeks before,

Mma Kalu: “Nwa’m,how are you?”

Kalu: “Mama, I’m fine o!”

MmaKalu: “Chai! This God is too good o! I can’t believe that Caro is now a big celebrity appearing on TV, eh?”

Kalu giggled,

Kalu: “It’s God oo. Even sef, she is going to France next month for one of their modeling projects!”

Mma Kalu: “Heyie! Chai! Village Caro is now going to Obodo Oyibo,” her voice went down, “Please o, I want you two to find it in your heart to forgive me.I’m really sorry! I wish I can call her and apologize myself! This my daughter in law is so lucky ehhn”

Kalu: “Mama, it is okay! I’d send her number, she is mostly available at night but busy during the day. If you call her now it’s her personal assistant that would pick!”

Mma Kalu: “Okay oo!”

They spoke everyday with Caro; she had told him of how an English tutor had been hired for her and he could notice some smoothness in her intonation and great improvement in her spoken English but she still was battling with mother tongue interference, she also gave him updates on celebrities she had met and shook hands with; she was really glad

Caro: “Babie’m they has gotten an Engrish teacher for me o!” She had said on the phone,

Kalu smiled,

Kalu: “Baby, it is ‘have’ not ‘has’, English not Engrish, ” he said in a polite manner,

Caro cackled,

Caro: “ Oh,have! English!”

She told Kalu that the management had told her not to speak during interviews until her English language was impeccable.

Caro: “I working hard to rean sharp sharp!” she added.

They acted as her voice both on TV and print media. He couldn’t have been more proud; that career of hers was fine tuning her into a lady of finesse and class.

Kalu just sat in the room staring at her picture; she was always on his mind. Noises came from outside, he knew trouble was being cooked and he wasn’t in the mood for the compound’s drama. Ibe! Yes that was his escape route,he’d call him so they could hang out. Within few seconds he left the compound as Iya Kpati was raising dust,

Iya Kpati: “make eferibodi comot oo! Who tief ma kpata?”she was hitting a zinc, everyone came out, some hung around their doors.

Kalu passed and hissed, “Jobless folks! They won’t mind their business”

Ene: “Na wetinna?”

Iya Kpati: “Pezin tief my kpata ooo!”
Ene heehawed,

Ene: “eh? Shey abin dey complain say person tief ma pant everybody look laik say I don mad finish. Now na person turn we no go hear word. Mtchew!” Iya kpati who was screaming turned to Ene, who was far way close to her door step.

Iya Kpati: “Omo kpangala! No tries me o! wo!” she twitched her mouth, “Shey, I don tell you say make, ehun, you no dey carry your craze near me?I go jus’ beast you!” Ene shuddered her mouth to a corner in mockery, “Wo, I doesn’t has your time, otigbo abi?” she started the yelping again, “Who tief my payint oooo! If other’s own dey lost me I no take em easy o!”

Pastor stood close to his window with arms folded watching.  Ene joined in the scream too but in jest,

Ene: “who tief Iya kpati payint ooo!” mimicking her, It evoked laughter. Iya Kpati ignored her.

Iya Kpati: “Who carry my Kpata o! See make I warn una my papa na babalawo oo! Na jus twensti naira I go use kill pezin oo!”

Mama Chinedu who had just returned heard her enemy’s yell and decided to wade in without being spoken to,

Mama Chinedu: “Elephant why you dey disturb person?”

Iya vexed, turned to Mama Chinedu,

Iya Kpati: “See dis sort woman ooo! Shey me I talking to you?” turned to Ene, “Ehen, shey dat night you cashing Papa Shinedu seeing you in hiding in baffroom?” she demonstrated,

Ene cackling,

Ene: “Ehen na! but e no see anytin sha! But I suspect Precious o!”

Iya Kpati: “Presious is good pezin. E no fit bi her!” Ene looked displeased, would have loved to sow a seed of hate against Precious, wasn’t around, “I suspect Papa Shinedu.”

Mama Chinedu dropped what she was holding,

Mama Chinedu: “wetin you mean, mad woman! Who wan use that your big pant where normal person go use sew family attire? ”she darted towards Iya Kpati, who made her feet firm on the ground. Ene had started running a wrestling commentary for them in pidgin.

Iya Kpati: “I gree shey na wetin make your papa shinedu stealing it to use em sew traditional closth for you, shebi?”

Mama Chinedu charged at her, and they started fighting with Iya Kpati screaming and throwing her hands all over the place like a duck swimming.

Ene: “Ehen Mama Chinedu, yeh! 1 zero. Iya Kpati trow blow but e miss! Dis fight dey go in favour of Mama Chinedu who dey deal wit her opponent. AH! Mama Chinedu all of a sudden don fall for ground!”she held a stick close to her mouth, like she was holding a microphone and moved her head from left to right.

Mama Chinedu had fallen after hitting her forehead on Iya Kpati’s elbow, who had bent down crying in pains. Ene continued with her commentary but stopped abruptly when it was discovered that Mama Chinedu wasn’t moving anymore. Pastors and some neighbors rushed over. Kalu met them on their way out and he joined them to the hospital. Iya Kpati was crying uncontrollably.

Iya Kpati: “Mama Shinedu no die hia o! sorry !Kpele, ore mi!”

Phlegm dripped down her nostrils, Ene dropped the stick, looked at Iya Kpati with her mouth wide open, her hands akimbo and  followed them out.

Question: “Would Mama Chinedu die? Should Caro forgive Mma Kalu? What would become of Iya Kpati if anything happens to Mama Chinedu?

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111 Comments on (Episode 16) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

  1. Adepoju Sexy // November 11, 2016 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    I hope Iya Kpati and mama chinedu will learn from this constant fight between them


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  5. Oluchi Ngorji // November 11, 2016 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Caro: “Babie’m they has gotten an Engrish teacher for me o!” hahahhaha


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  9. FAVOUR akachukwu okoye // November 11, 2016 at 8:20 pm // Reply

    Lol. Nice one. Next pls


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  12. kingsley folashade // November 11, 2016 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    House of commotion indeed.
    Thank God 4 caro


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  23. She will not die,iya kpati will only learn her lesson.Caro will forgive mma kalu,if praventure mama chinedu dies,iya kpati will b arrested n charged for murder.


  24. funmi beautiful // November 12, 2016 at 6:33 am // Reply

    This is going too slow o…we are more interested in Caro and Kanu jare…….those other folks tales are getting dry jare….but nice piece


  25. Kalu’s love for caro is wat i call undiluted love. I pray she dnt leave kalu for some guy, pls nxt episode


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    Stopping weed is not easy..say congrats to him if you love God


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