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Obama and Trump meet for 1st time at the White House (photos)

President Obama and president-elect Donald Trump met yesterday at the White House and what an awkward scene it was. They spent 90minutes together, a meeting Donald Trump said he thought would last 10-15 minutes.

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It was the very first time both men will meet each other, as Obama showed Trump, his wife Melania, Vice president elect Mike Pence, Mrs Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan round the White House.

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Both of them said good things about each other during the meeting with Obama saying he was “encouraged” by Mr Trump’s willingness to work with his team, telling him:

“We want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed the country succeeds” while Trump called Obama a ‘good man’

The more cordial and friendly tone adopted by the two men towards each other was in sharp contrast to the bitter spats that characterized the election campaign.

7 Comments on Obama and Trump meet for 1st time at the White House (photos)

  1. Lmfao??? no chemistry atall,the body language says alot?Obama ain’t smiling ? Trump and his regular facial expressions tho ?


  2. Obama entered office with a black hair but leaving with a near-white… I’d like to see what happens to Trump’s


  3. That is very good one


  4. Finally


  5. Diplomacy/politics is the celebration of lies and deceit while everyone around claps and applauds
    Most humans are scared stiff of speaking out their real mind for fear of being criticised or being hated by the world
    They have one thing in mind and say another just to feel belonged
    But Trump is definately not one of those type of people
    He is obviously not one of what Jesus described as people of the world who would say what people want to hear or do as people do
    God knows his own people, he sees the mind and loves most those that please him through the workings of their inner mind and not merely by outward display
    God will always exalt his own people in the presence of their detractors
    The American people have spoken the same language like Trump through their voting cards


  6. Sunny,
    You are 100% correct and that was exactly what i saw that made me vote for Trump even as Nigerian-American.

    I’ve been a lot of people’s topic and abuse because i voted for him. Meanwhile, they forgot i have the freedom to vote whoever i want.

    God bless Nigeria, God bless America.


    • Aere, never mind those people abusing you, they are mere bad losers and they cannot do more than run their mouth and stress up themselves about what they cannot change
      They have all been shamed despite all their made tales, conspiracy theories and frame up designed against the lord’s chosen Trump
      Trump remains the US president elect and their misery continues
      They can say whatever they like, but they can never take away your dignity and your right of choice


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