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Referee killed after being attacked by player he red carded

An amateur footballer in Mexico, who is now reportedly on the run from police, allegedly head-butted the match official after being shown a red card.


A footballer in Mexico is accused of inadvertently killing a referee after being sent off during an amateur fixture in Tulancingo.

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The Sunday league contest, taking place in the state of Hildalgo, was marred by an incident sparked by the brandishing of a red card.

Ruben Rivera Vazquez allegedly became so incensed with the decision that he head-butted the match official, Victor Trejo – as reported by local news outlet Criterion Hidalgo.

Paramedics on hand rushed to the scene, initially believing that the victim had fainted, but they were unable to revive him.

According to emergency services, the referee died of a ‘widespread subarachnoid hematoma’, which was caused by a significant blow to the head.

The alleged perpetrator is now on the run from authorities after fleeing the scene.

4 Comments on Referee killed after being attacked by player he red carded

  1. the red card bounce back on him to death


  2. That’s not a fair comment by Friday! The Referee was simply doing his job! Must a red carded player commit murder to express his disagreement? The Murder-Player will surely pay for his heinous crime sooner than later! May the soul of the unfortunate referee rest in peace!


  3. I mean “Murderer-player” in my last post! Error regretted!


  4. In the games of sport, the decision of the umpires must be respected when given in his capacity as the official. There are laid down rules of redressing dispute and not by violence. This player should be brought to book and be made to pay for his crime. This calls for referees too to be cautious of decisions given- to be as fair as possible.


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