Hillary Clinton blames defeat on FBI director James Comey

Hillary Clinton has blamed FBI director James Comey for her surprise defeat in the US election.

Hilary Clinton

She pointed the finger during a conference call with her top campaign funders, according to two participants in the call.

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Mrs Clinton led in almost every poll before America selected Donald Trump as its 45th president, despite FBI director James Comey’s announcement 11 days before the election that he was once again investigating her private email server.

But the former First Lady, who has kept a low profile since her concession speech on Wednesday morning, told donors that analysis of polling by her team showed Mr Comey’s intervention to be pivotal.

It caused an erosion of support in the upper Midwest, according to people familiar with the call.

Mrs Clinton lost in Wisconsin, the first time since 1984 the state favoured a Republican candidate.

Michigan, where the final result has still not been tallied, also leaned Republican.

Just days before the election Mr Comey announced the new investigation had found no criminal activity – but Mrs Clinton’s narrative is that the damage had been done.

She told donors that her rival was able to attack her following both announcements.

Mr Trump claimed after the investigation was dropped that the system was “rigged”.



  1. It a hell of election and obviously the i ntervention of the FBI caused the damage. It was a well played game. I am sorry for your loss but I am more sorry for America. Trump now says he will not scrape Obama care and other stuff. Also Russia acknowledge that they exchange intellects with Trump to favor his victory.
    Let see as the next four years will go.
    Africa Arise.

  2. This is not any blame game! I agree with you Madam, Coney’s latest letter to Congress that they discovered more emails when he was yet to review the emails was really uncalled for & if you ask me, it was done in bad faith. Saying later that Hillary had no case to answer on the latest emails was of no effect bcos the damage,as planned, had already been done. Incidentally, that was the “rigging ” Trump talked about but people didn’t pay adequate attention to that statement.

  3. Looking about for a scapegoat is quite undignifying
    Trump has won, he has won
    Surely it won’t be easy for anyone to ban foriegners or Muslims anyway
    That apart, diplomacy/politics is a demonstration of lies and deceit while everyone around claps and applauds
    Talking of racism and hatred for terrorists, it’s an open secrete that most folks in the US and Europe are guilty of that and would prefer foriegners to be banned from coming and for those around to be sent packing but, they will never say it in the open
    The Americans have demonstrated that they prefer someone blunt, who will say it exactly the way he feels, to the one that will have one thing in mind and say another
    If anyone should complain of sabotage, it should be Trump who was vilified to the hilt the world over, while it was the other way round in the case of Clinon who had great publicity all the way
    With all the global support she had, what else does Clinton need to know she was clearly rejected at the polls

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