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Check out these beautiful photos of a double amputee model

Stacy Price, 30 a double amputee model who lost her two legs to flesh eating bugs has proved that nothing is impossible.







The model who is from Allan Stirlingshire, Scotland and also a student of Glasgow University has started a campaign ‘Models of Diversity’ which is dedicated to changing the employment laws in order to give disabled models more rights.

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The Models of Diversity is aimed at at making sure all modelling agencies represent one disabled model for every five able bodied model signed.

“According to the latest figures, one in six people in Britain has a disability but where are all the disabled models? When I was starting out, I had no-one to look up to.” Stacy reveals.

Narrating how she lost both legs, she said it was Seven years ago, while on holiday at South of France, her leg suddenly started paining her and with time the pain got worse

“It just got worse and worse, so I had to give in and go to hospital. They thought it was some kind of infection but they did lots of tests and X-rays and they discovered the bones in my foot had been almost completely destroyed. Nobody could explain it – there was no wound, I hadn’t injured myself. It just came out of the blue. When she got home she was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis – a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin which destroys the tissue. I also had a bone-eating bug, so it was a double whammy. I was in intensive care for six days and nearly died. Over the next few years, Stacy was in and out of hospital as the disease attacked her feet and legs.

Stacy added: ‘I had bits and pieces amputated along the way – a toe here, a toe there.’ Eventually, I had to have the whole leg below the knee taken off. When it started in the other leg, I knew I didn’t want to wait as long for the amputation.”

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  1. Such a pretty girl


  2. So pity


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