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Popular Nigerian singer beaten ‘blue-black’ at Lagos nightclub (Video)

Singer Oritsefemi was on Friday night beaten up by bouncers at upscale Lagos night club, Quilox.




According to eyewitnesses, Oritsefemi came to the club with some of his friends to relax and sat at a section where the owner of the club, Shina Peller, and his guests were meant to sit. One of the bouncers told him that the table was reserved and he needed to leave.

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Oritsefemi allegedly picked up a glass cup and smashed it on the face of the bouncer, cutting his eye. This got the other bouncers angry and they gathered force and attacked Oritsefemi. He was reportedly beaten black and blue and nearly stripped by the bouncers if not for the timely intervention of other club goers.

With blood stains all over his body, Oritsefemi was rushed to Healing Stripes hospital in Victoria Island, same place the bouncer he allegedly attacked was rushed to. The police was later invited to maintain law and order.

7 Comments on Popular Nigerian singer beaten ‘blue-black’ at Lagos nightclub (Video)

  1. If the story is correct then it serves him right,you don’t throw the first punch and expect a thank you,it dosnt matter who you are. ….


  2. It is foolish to think every celebrity is supposed to be a role model.


  3. When they rise from nothing to something, they will begin to fumble anyhow. Serve him right.

    Now he will know the full interpretation of one of his lyrics …”sebi eyin ti aja fi nba omo re sere, lo fi mi ngeje! …?.
    The bouncers meant no disrespect, he caused it all..


  4. The whole story does no add up
    The most logical scenario here must have been that there was an arguement before the musician reacted in such a way, even though he couldn’t have gone that far
    It’s very vital that reserved seats have clear signs displayed indicating their status to the guests to see
    The musician must have felt that the seats were meant just VIPs and that the bouncer thought he was just and ordinary person, hence he protested
    However he has not right whatsoever to assault anyone
    I guess he must have learnt his lesson with this big embarassment he got


  5. Being a politician or an artiste does not make you of higher class than the next man. Hence I do not agree with “sonny’s” statement that maybe the bouncer thought he was an ordinary person.
    This mentality that I am a star, politician or just someone known in a particular field, gives us the mindset to go around and keep misbehaving; seems to come by default as part of our DNA as Africans, especially we Nigerians. But when you realize that some of these called “stars” are worth next to nothing, you will wonder the reasons for their fake lifestyle and unwarranted arrogance.
    Irrespective of our status in the society, its high time we start displaying genuine simplicity in the way we treat the so called “ordinary people”.


  6. Amaka, you are right on point with your analysis
    I have the same opinion as you do
    However you seem not to understand exactly what I meant
    You will agree with me that many nightclubs, even in Europe and America have areas meant for VIPs
    Wether that is right or wrong is another topic
    It’s in that context that i said maybe the bouncer did not realise that the musician fitted into that category, according the club’s rules


  7. Your point is noted and taken sunny.
    Most VIP section is actually a determinant of what you will end up spending in that club and not by who you are. Some people who can afford and prefer the VIP section, make reservations way ahead so that the place isn’t fully occupied when they arrive.
    The question is, why has Mr. Oritsefemi refused to understand that a reservation has been made?


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