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Refund our money back, Akwa Ibom State Government tells Pele

Iconic Pele has been asked by the Akwa Ibom State Government to refund a $300,000 (more than 135 million Naira) appearance fee paid him after he failed to grace the opening of the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium in Uyo two years ago.


The 30,000-capacity stadium, which at the weekend played host to Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup qualifier against Algeria, was opened by then Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on November 7, 2014, with King of Football Pele billed to appear at the elaborate event.

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However, the legendary Pele did not grace the occasion even after his agents received a $300,000 payment because there was a shift in dates for the opening of the multi-million dollar sporting edifice nicknamed ‘The Nest of Champions’.

A top source said that oil-rich Akwa Ibom Government has since been demanding that the appearance fee be refunded and so far their efforts have come to nought.

“The Akwa Ibom Government want their cash back, but so far all their efforts have proved abortive,” the source said.

“They want all the $300,000, but some experts in the business have advised they should angle for a part of this sum.

“Pele’s people have continued to insist they were not the ones who breached the agreement and so they could not be liable.

“And that by the time a new date for the opening of the stadium was fixed, their client was committed to another engagement.”

Many years after he retired from the game, three-time world champion Pele has cashed in on his charisma to rake in millions of dollars through special guest appearances around the globe.

6 Comments on Refund our money back, Akwa Ibom State Government tells Pele

  1. Issokay


  2. It’s high time Nigerians and Africans in general learnt and get used to keeping appointment and time keeping
    Besides, many children as young as 11 years old are out there hawking goods that worth no more than N4000 and the Akwa Ibom government is waisting a whooping $300,000 Naira on Pele, a world figure with more than enough wealth


  3. Yeye state Govt. I wont be surprised if they are owing their workers salary.


  4. Akwa Ibom State govt. should go hide its face in shame. They just wasted N135m belonging to all the people of Akwa Ibom, tell me what would the ordinary Akwa Ibom person on the streets in the State have gained from Pele’s visit, wasn’t the Stadium opened without him,are matches,including very important national football matches not being played there since it was opened without Pele, would the Brazilian national team(Neymar & his friends) would have been playing their matches there if Pele had graced the occasion? That N135m was wasted just to massage the bloated ego of the State’s then fat cows, as unfortunate as it is!


  5. $300,000 wasted on Pele for the opening of your new stadium two years ago while for the same period salaries were not paid. God would help us


  6. They don mara for there. Who is Pele, will his appearance boost anything? Oga ooo. Useless govt. Mr Pele chop up jare, maga don pay be dat. But the money for run ur stomach to death sha o, u sef be thief.


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