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Obasanjo and Jonathan failed northern Christian politicians

Northern Nigeria Christian Politicians (NNCP), yesterday, revealed how former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan failed to address their challenges.

goodluck jonathan

They also appreciated President Muhammadu Buhari for coming to their rescue where the former presidents failed.

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The chairman of NNCP, Hon. Keftin Amuga, at a press conference said that for the first time, a Northern Muslim President would recognise the Northern Christian as a political factor and political force.

The group said that “this is a signal which could lead to the emergence of a truly united Northern Nigeria people, devoid of religious bigotry.”

Amuga said: “Since the third republic, the Christian North has variously given its support to our Southern Christian brothers, the likes of Obasanjo and Goodluck to be President of Nigeria, but unfortunately, because they have limited knowledge and do not appreciate our challenges, they have variously failed to address the peculiarity of the Northern Nigerian Christian population. This is in sharp contrast to what PMB promised and has done for the Christian North.”

The chairman, however, lambasted some of the Northern Christian politicians, pointing out that while seeking for political relevance, they get involved in several political alliance without directional focus, which at the end they would achieve nothing.

He said: “The body has observed that for more than half a century (56years) since Nigeria got her independence, the Northern Nigeria Christian politicians in spite of the demographic consideration never cultivated the required self confidence in the piolitical activities of Nigeria.

Instead, the Northern Christian politicians, while seeking for political relevance, got involved in several political alliances without directional focus and in consequence achieve no tangible result.”

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  1. hmmm true talk


  2. thats nt true u knw


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