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(Episode 9) A Letter from Jail … Life sucks beyond words

“Miebaka! Miebaka!” I called on Miebaka after rushing to the room

Mama Bisi had ran back to her house as soon as she saw the crowd running out of the barracks.

“Miebaka where are you?” I called again

Confusion set in as men and women ran in opposite directions, some people fell and were stepped upon, I saw a little girl being used as a stepping stone as people ran past one another, Miebaka and I stood still, we had little time to decide whether to join the band wagon or to make another decision.

Me: “What do we do now?” I asked him as we both saw the thick smoke wiping in the air from a very far direction

Miebaka: “I do not know…I am more confused. We do not even know anyone in town, where are all these people going to?” he pointed at the confused crowd, then paused and continued,

“You will have to wait here, I will go to the market and rescue Aunt Engee”

Me: “Wait where? I don’t want to die, and I don’t want you to die either. Mama Bisi said aunty is in a bad shape, if you go out there that will be two lives out there…please don’t make this bad for us. Aunt Engee is smart, she would find her way back. God will not take her away just as he took my parents away” I ran to him and held him close


Miebaka: “…but if anything happens to her, I won’t forgive myself. If we were in her shoes she would risk her life to keep us alive”

Me: “I know she will be fine, I don’t want to lose you, Miebaka” I cried to him

We were both shaken by a very loud gun shot from nowhere; I found myself rolling down the stairs, he grabbed me, pulled my arm and dragged me back to where we had stood and the second gunshot forced us making way back into the house. He shut the front door, ran to the back door to see if it was bolted and then came back to me

Miebaka: “Are you ok? Are you alright?”

Me: “I’m fine, what about you? Did you hear that?”

Miebaka: “Where was the gunshot coming from?”

Me: “I really don’t know. Could it be that the bombers have come into this barrack? I thought the barracks was the best place to be in times of crises. What do we do now?” I burst into tears

“Aunty where are you, please do not leave me just like mama and papa did…”

Miebaka: “Stop saying this, nothing is going to happen to her”

Me: “Mama Bisi said her two legs have been blown off”

We heard a knock on the door, Miebaka went to check, it was Mama Bisi

Mama Bisi: “Ah Una still dey here? Me don dey go with my children o. I hear say Engee don die, and those boys don enter barrack. Dem don plan to kill any woman wey dem see. Make una come make we go oo…” she turned around to see if her children were still standing where she left them

She turned back at us and asked again, seeing that we had not decided, she grabbed her kids and fled. We quickly locked the door and looked through the window to get a better view of what was happening outside, then we saw Mama Bisi and her kids fall one after another, to the ground as they ran towards the gate. The view was terrific, we did not know who was shooting, but we sure knew he was a professional. Miebaka, seeing this, pulled me from the window and covered my eyes; we were both shaking, our hearts beating too fast.


A month after the April Kano crisis, we had gathered that the military had angered the Boko haram and killing women and children was the only way they could retaliate. The barrack looked quiet and deserted, like no one had lived there before; I could count how many people were left behind. With Aunt Engee gone and many other people I knew, including my friends in school, life meant nothing to me anymore.

We were the survivors, if we had followed the crowd to escape from the barracks, we would have been long buried. We had to start all over again, feeding from hand to mouth, I wrote letters to the rest of Papa’s siblings but never got a reply; I wanted Aunt Engee to be buried like a proper Christian at least, even though her body was never found.

Miebaka: “Are you still thinking about her? we have to move on, we will be fine”

Those were the words he used to console me anytime he saw me staring at her pictures

We got talking about our future one day, and he told me his plans

Miebaka: “I have been thinking, this chiffon business is no longer booming, people have relocated, all these local people cannot afford to buy the material. I think we should relocate. With the little money I have, we can go to Lagos and start something; there are a lot of opportunities there”

Me: “I know, but how much will we be able to make to pay for my fees?…with feeding and accommodation aside”

He heaved and then showed me a list of the plan he had drafted, it seemed reasonable so we decided to leave Kano for Lagos the next weekend. Both of us had never been to Lagos before, but we prepared our minds for the worst; we had only few belongings we could take, I made sure I took some of Aunt Engee’s pictures- I never wanted to forget her.

The day we decided to travel to Lagos came, but we had woken up too late; they told us at the park that we would have to return very early the next day as the only bus to Lagos had gone. We got back home, disappointed and promised to wake up early enough the next day. In his words, one of the drivers we met at the park had said “Lagos journey no be small tin o…two days you never reach sef”, we were ready to travel anywhere so long it would take us to our greener pasture.

The night was so short, Miebaka woke me up as early as 4:00am, he had said we should only brush our teeth and not bathe because of the cold weather outside. He told me it was going to be a very long journey and he did not want me to travel sick; he knew it would not take minutes before I begin to catch cold. Making sure I wore my cardigan and two jackets, he grabbed our two Ghana Must Go bags, said a little prayer and looked at me

Miebaka: “I stand before you today, making a vow that no matter what happens out there I will always be on your side. I promise you my love” he hugged me and opened the door

I followed him, jogging in the cold and licking my cracked lips; I had never experienced such harmattan before. He looked back and saw me shivering and struggling behind, trying to catch up with him; he was walking just like Papa

Miebaka: “We have to walk very fast so we can get to the junction. I can’t even see any Okada from here, are you ok?” he looked at me as I gnashed my teeth

“Come here, this would make you feel better” he walked to me, placed his hands behind my head and kissed me, then smiled

He knew me too well, his mouth was warm and soothing, it worked like magic, my heart beat faster and I began to sweat in my palms

“You see, that’s the magic baby” he teased and held my hand, forcing me to walk fast


After squeezing on an ‘aboki’ motorcycle, we finally got to the park. We were asked to line up, I was still cold; I could see that he was cold too, but he was trying to be a man…I laughed within me.

“Oshodi! Lagos! Oshodi last bus stop…Once chance o” the conductor shouted, then turned to me and winked

I hissed and looked away.

Wetin you dey look? Your husband dey here, you dey admire fine boy, na wa for you o”

At first I did not notice he was referring to me until he repeated it a second time pointing at me

Me: “I don’t have your time, agbero like you” I said and saw Miebaka giving me the “keep quiet” look

From behind, was a group of school girls and a middle aged Yoruba woman speaking English fluently. The woman tapped me and smiled

Woman: “Don’t mind them, that’s how they behave after smoking that their thing”

Me: “I won’t even respond again, thank you ma” I smiled back

Woman: “Are you travelling for business or pleyor?” she asked, I smiled at her accent

I was about to reply when Miebaka called me to get on the bus so we could sit comfortably. I saw the woman finding her way towards my direction; Miebaka was by my left and the woman right. The bus got filled and like slaves being shipped from Africa, we sat so close to one another; there was no space to even stretch one’s hands. And this was going to be a long journey o! I thought to myself.

We had gone past Kano state, the weather was becoming more favourable, I removed one of the jackets and gave to Miebaka; we had not spoken since the journey started- maybe he was angry that I replied the conductor, I thought. He folded the jacket and placed it between his legs

Woman: “How long have you people been married?” she smiled at me, struggling to place her face directly opposite mine

Me: “We are not married o…we…” my words were swallowed as Miebaka hit me hard with his elbow

Woman: “Oh, is he your brother?” she asked but I did not reply, for fear of being hit again by Miebaka

“Nevermind my dear, I understand now” she smiled again

This woman seemed nice, I thought to myself, then why was Miebaka acting so strange. It was going to be a two-day journey, I did not want to be bored. I told myself I would avoid his distractions and continue to communicate with the nice lady, after all, nobody knew where help would come from.

Me: “Madam, my name is Shiber. Are those your kids?” I used my chin to point at the three school girls

Woman: “Nooo they are my nieces. I am Hajiya Badmus. Where in Lagos are you going to. It seems like this is your first time”

Me: “How did you know. I really don’t know where exactly we are going to, we decided to relocate because of the Kano crisis, you know how many lives were lost…”

Hajiya Badmus and I blended so quickly; she told me about her businesses and how her company and staff were burned to ashes during the crisis, her struggles as a single mother, her experiences in the northern part of Nigeria and how she was planning to open a new office in Lagos. She had asked me to join her in her new branch, I pleaded that Miebaka join as a staff too, but she said her company was all about “women empowerment”…my joy knew no bounds, I sang my praises without caring whether I was disturbing other passengers.


We did not just spend two days on the road, we spent three good days, stopping at unknown villages. Hajiya Badmus had paid for our expenses; from food to drinks. It looked like Miebaka was not happy with the arrangement but he had no choice. The fact that I knew there was a job waiting for me in Lagos made me happy; I thanked Papa and Mama for bringing me a helper.

Is it a wise decision for Miebaka and Shiber to leave Kano? Is the help offered by Hajiya Badmus genuine?

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73 Comments on (Episode 9) A Letter from Jail … Life sucks beyond words

  1. Hmmmm….i dnt think Hajiya Badmus’ help is genuine….i sha pray say mk e no be say na to dey use dem do slaves fr people…..Miebaka is really a matured guy


  2. Chaii who knws oooo siliber beta be carfully ooo.adelove am still waiting


  3. chai.. Aunt Engee just died like that.


  4. Esther Nnoli // November 17, 2016 at 4:38 pm // Reply

    Sheiba can sleep with one eye open


  5. She fit sleep, but make she open one eye oo. i no too trust the woman


  6. Adepoju Sexy // November 17, 2016 at 4:42 pm // Reply

    I think sheiba and Meibaka are in safe hands. next please


  7. mordi scholarstica // November 17, 2016 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    Only women? E fit b prostitution o.nxt plsssssss


  8. Hmmm ma instinct does nt trust dat woman shiber be careful i take God beg u


  9. That might be a hawker,Shiber must be careful.


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  11. leaving Kano Is good for both of them but I doubt the genuineness of the woman job, I think the woman want to induce shiber into prostitution.


  12. Thank God Miebeka is with shiber.. its enough consolation knowing that she is not alone.. I love your stories Adelove


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  14. I just pray nothing bad happens to them.


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  16. hop its nt call girl job oooo shiber b carefull ooo


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  18. FAVOUR akachukwu okoye // November 17, 2016 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    Only woman work? Na wa oooo


  19. mhiz lammyposh // November 17, 2016 at 5:53 pm // Reply

    Hmmm, am loving this story more and more..thumb up to Adelove.


  20. I don’t think Hajiya Badmus’s help is genuine o. I think she’s into child trafficking or prostitution or even both. Not all ‘help’ is help. We are waiting for the next episode.


  21. Hmmm. Lagos people cant be trusted and i sense this hajiya is not genuine. Next episode Adelove! You are the bestest…


  22. What is happening… I have not been able to read ep. 6,7,8 and 9


  23. What is happening… I have not been able to read episode 6,7,8 and 9


  24. Shiber Hmmmmmm. You are singing loud if only you know you are on your way to prostitution….. ade-love I cherish your great work…. next plzzzzz


  25. May God you shiba and miebaka


  26. Hajiya Badmus is into human trafficking


  27. Okafor felicity clara // November 17, 2016 at 7:11 pm // Reply

    Hahahaha new job


  28. Shiber! Shiber! Shiner! How times did I cal u? All are glitter is not gold just be careful! Let ur father’s lineage no go down the dream o!


  29. Shiber should watch with care to understand the woman way of life,as for leaving kano it I’d a good decision for them,hence making life look lively with hope to succeed


  30. Aunty Engee I will miss. Waiting for the next episode


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  32. Hmmmmmm


  33. I smell something fishy… This Hajiya badmus is up to something… I’d hope she’s not a pimp


  34. miebaka, if care is not taken you will land yourself inside jail. Then you will write a letter to her (Shiber) pls take good care of yourself and the baby inside your womb.


  35. Wondaful story, pls nxt


  36. Adelove God bless u for this inperetional story,loving it.


  37. This story continues ad I love it


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  39. I don’t trust hajiya badmus


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  54. please, kukuma complete d story at once…. m dying 2 c d end.


  55. hmm, this shiver Na ashewo, she don bit the finger that feed her


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