Popular Pastor blasted on social media and accused of posting fake miracles (Photos)

A popular South African pastor Alph Lukau has been blasted and insulted online after his controversial healing which reportedly took place at a hospital ward.




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The pastor had shared the pictures showing how he healed a whole hospital ward, but this did not go down well with people who attacked him for allegedly posting ‘fake miracle photos’.

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The South African who is the founder of Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) was accused of hiring patients who acted like they were sick and got healed.

“The undiluted POWER of God is in this place. Look what the Lord is doing in AMI. Each and every person who was lying on these stretchers received total HEALING, we saw people stand up from wheelchairs and discard their walking aids. Lord we give You ALL the glory.” he had written on Facebook.

A doubting social media user, Fantastique Maphike was quick to make some observations concerning the photos and the circumstances surrounding the said miracle session:

Maphike wrote: “Just a few observations. Male and female in one ward? No drips? No machines?

“All people clothed in casual wear [and] no doctors or nurses nearby?

“No curtains to separate people [and] camera crew ready.

“No cabinets to keep their belongings. But go ahead. We’re watching.”



  1. This Christianity na wan, people take a good look at the ceiling of the purposed hospital ward, it has a red colour pipe, that is typical of a basement vehicle park in South Africa, basement hospital, this guy is AN ORIGINAL FAKE.

  2. Is there really any of those pastors that can perform any miracle ?
    If there is, let him or her just do a miracle on the Naira to become equal to the dollar or for there to be constant electricity in Nigeria
    Whoever pulls off such miracle will definitely have every damn person following him or her

  3. @sunny, we all know even the Christains know this, that there are false prophets ok, even the Bible talks about them …… so does that mean that miracles can’t be performed in the name of Jesus ? Based on your statement, u just being ignorant and trying to be funny ….. why don’t we say because we are pastors or Christains go into the den of lions, don’t bother getting a job and then turn stones into food or pray for Manna to fall from the skies ……

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