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He’s Very Rich But Cannot Satisfy Me in Bed Because of This Unusual Thing- Lady Cries Out

A woman who is about settling down with her man has become so worried over what has been happening each time she engages her man in s*x.

kenyan lady

A disturbed lady has cried out for help over a sexual challenge that is about to ruin her relationship. The story shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels reads:

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I don’t how this may sound, but I just want to hear from your friends. I have a man that wants to marry me, he is rich but honestly his p*nis is nothing to write home about. It is so small, even when he goes inside me, I hardly notice he is inside me.

He is very rich, a divorcee, he told me his wife started cheating on him because of that, so he noticed, when he found out she can’t stop, he divorced her. Honestly, I don’t think I can stay with him just for the money. I complained to my friend, and she said I should marry him and keep a distant guy who can be warming me up sexually.

He has a daughter with his ex, they are divorced in court and gone separate ways since 6 years now. Madam can I do this? He has proposed, I accepted but the s*x part is not considerable at all. His p*nis is nothing to a write home about; I love s*x, madam honestly not even what I can manage .

He is 50 years and I am 31 years. What should I do?

4 Comments on He’s Very Rich But Cannot Satisfy Me in Bed Because of This Unusual Thing- Lady Cries Out

  1. Come to my place …. bring his riches and i will satisfy u


  2. too bad ,an na fine bae ooo


  3. Don’t start what u can’t finish, if u knew u can’t cope when u marry him, pls don’t enter into d marriage at all.


  4. You can’t have your cake and eat it. If he wasn’t rich, you wouldn’t even have given him a second thought. It’s is the money that draws you to him and you want the sex to be your consolation. Don’t make mistake his ex wife did. Free the man if you know you can’t live with his inadequacy.


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