Man Shocks People by Posting After-S*x Pictures with Sister-in-law (Photos)

A man left many people in serious shock after he did this unbelievable thing on Facebook with many blasting him.





A man identified as Joachim Cruzz from Kenya courted controversy after going ahead to post after-s*x photos with his sister-in-law on Facebook.

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He first posted photos of the two at the hospital before going ahead to post the after-s*x photos which showed them in the room as he touched and held her in a most controversial position, even exposing the woman’s breasts.

After posting the photos, the man was heavily criticized by many people who came across the photos.

According to reports in Kenya, the man also claimed the woman visited him and stayed for two weeks. From the pictures and the way the woman exposed her breasts, it was obvious that the man and woman had something more than the ordinary in common.

After posting the first few pictures which were moderate, he decided to court more controversy by posting more raunchy photos of the encounter with the sister-in-law.

He posted a series of photos when they were together in the hospital but shocked people even more by following that post with another which have them half-naked after a session of steamy s*x. His post has not only shocked many Kenyans but also annoyed them with some even calling him mentally unstable



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