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Nollywood To Release Movie Titled “Chidinma And The Cucumber (photo)

Following the recent sex-tape scandal of a Miss Anambra, Nollywood producers have reportedly shot a movie titled ‘Chidinma and the Cucumber’


Just like we all expected, Nollywood has decided to take advantage of the widely reported scandalous act which brought former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke into limelight after her cucumber video went viral, by shooting a movie titled “Chidimma and the cucumber”.

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Recall that cucumber became a trending veggie after the afore mentioned lesbian scandal which rocked the internet in the past 3 weeks, and since that incident, it has been been alleged that cucumber whicch is now been associated with ladies, has become an expensive fruit in the local markets.

6 Comments on Nollywood To Release Movie Titled “Chidinma And The Cucumber (photo)

  1. yock cant wait to see d movie


  2. Nollywood …. i trust una, dem no dey carry last at all


  3. This is not fair. Nobody is innocent in the sight of God.


  4. We should help her recover and not to push her to a point to contemplate suicide. She may be the sinner today because her case came to the open,but worse offenders may now be mocking her. I wish she understands the level of evil she did against God and repent and reconcile with Him.That will guarantee her a great future whether the people believe it or not.Also let our youths avoid these shameful acts that tend to rubbish the good in them .


  5. Nigerians when would we learn to accept the mistakes of people instead of ridiculing them. Some of us do worse than what she did. God help her recover.


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