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Parents are retrieving their wards from private schools over recession

Chief (Mrs.) Victoria Diete-Spiff, founder of Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt, , has expressed worry that parents were retrieving their children from private schools because of the economic crisis in the country.


Diete-Spiff worried that parents were now taking their children to public schools adding that private schools were facing hard times.

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Diete-Spiff, who spoke after receiving Academic Icon Award from National Association of Oduduwa Students during the 10th Anniversary of the institution, also advocated for government to give grants to private schools in the country.

The proprietor noted that private schools were the drivers of academic excellence in a nation and that they needed encouragement.

Diete-Spiff said, “Most schools proprietors are anticipating that the recession is going to be rough. Most parents during this recession are having problem in connection to finance. Most of them are retrieving their children.

“Private school is the bedrock of education in Nigeria and for somebody to withdraw his ward from private school it means a lot.

“Government should improve the standard of education in Nigeria at least by providing grants for private schools. In other countries the government gives grants to private schools but it is not done here.

“Government should do what needs to be done. Qualitative education is necessary because that is what the country needs to development.”


4 Comments on Parents are retrieving their wards from private schools over recession

  1. See what Buhari has done….. I think it’s high time we impeach him


  2. @Henry re -read what she wrote up there….”Private Schools is the bedrock of Education in Nigeria”.
    Did u attended a private school?
    If ur answer is Yes then I rest my case but if its No ,then I ask u
    Is private school really the solution to get greater Youths for our dear nation?
    The only difference between a public school and a private one is because ..
    1. All these so call Bedrocks uses the same money extorted from parents to train their teachers.
    2. They have pick and drop buses for their students
    3. They have fancy school Uniforms.
    4.Their classrooms has A/c and computers
    5. They Organise fancy Seminars with speakers coming from British/Us/French countries sponsored with the school fund paid by parents.

    I can go on and on.

    Most of the so call Bedrock students can only speak English and parade their parents Riches
    There re lots of public school students that re over average students but unfortunately they belong to the lower class that can’t afford Luxuries because that is what I call a Private school.

    Most people till the 80’s attended public school and here we are doing well for ourselves.
    What needed be done is that government should invest on Public schools,organise seminars and pay good salaries.
    Most teachers in private schools are there due to prompt and good salaries
    Its high time private schools take a back sit.
    Now they re withdrawing them and taking them back to the same public schools they underrated.


  3. Yes, those Shylock owned private schools with their cut throat fees should go to blazes
    This is part of the rotteness of our own society where some corrupt politicians, money minded religious organisations and some well connected business men connive with the past regimes to stiffle the public schools by starving them of fund, to serve their own selfish interest
    The poor masses that were already pushed to financial limit are still forced to send their children these exorbitant private schools
    Even though the wind of change remains
    Nothing ever stays the same


  4. Spot on @Bak and @Sunny.
    But would our anti-corruption leadership now give the needed attention that is so desired on public schools?

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