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Popular Actress Lisa Lynn Masters Commits Suicide in Her Hotel Room

A popular Hollywood actress has left everyone in shock after she took her own life in her hotel room while battling depression.


“Gossip Girl” actress Lisa Lynn Masters, who was battling depression, was reportedly found dead inside her hotel room closet in Peru. She was 52.

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According to reports, she was found deceased inside of her Nuevo Mundo hotel room in Lima earlier this week, reports

A spokesperson for Masters — known for featuring in TV shows like “Ugly Betty”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” — released a statement: “As to her husband and family’s wishes, we hope that the industry can mourn her death without details.”

“In these darkening days, we hope those who have had the pleasure of knowing her will see how brightly she shined and will find that light within themselves and continue to share it with others-just as she would have,” the statement added.

According to reports, she was found inside of her closet and appeared to have hanged herself with her skirt. Police officials also claimed to have found anti-depressants in her hotel room at the time of the investigation.

Authorities in the South American country’s capital Lima said they found two letters which revealed her mental health issues at the Nuevo Mundo Hotel, reports

Her husband William Brooks was in shock after her death, according to a friend who wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to pay for her body’s repatriation to the US.

The fundraising page, which hit its 24,000 pounds goal in one day, will pay for funeral expenses and help her widower, who works as a healing arts practitioner in Brooklyn.

Ani Mason wrote on the page: “Our dear friend Lisa Masters passed away tragically and unexpectedly.

“Lisa’s genuine warmth, generosity and tenacious strength will be deeply missed.”

She added: “Lisa’s beloved husband William is shocked and grieving her sudden loss. In the midst of this mourning, William faces daunting financial challenges, including the substantial funeral and transport expenses for Lisa in and between Peru and the United States.”

Masters was from Brooklyn, New York.

4 Comments on Popular Actress Lisa Lynn Masters Commits Suicide in Her Hotel Room

  1. Suicide is not a best option


  2. This should serve as a big lesson all those folks running after money as if all their lives depend on it
    Lesson: Money does not bring lasting happiness, rather only positive, contented and realistic attitude to life brings happiness


  3. She’s going to hell. She’s there already. So she has no good print or legacy she left behind. All those that will follow her precept and her light will ended up been depressed and will.commit suicide at last.
    The only faithful man we can follow is Jesus bcoz he has the key of Eternal life with him. Surrender your life to Jesus today and your life will never remain the same


  4. Please don’t judge Lisa Masters. She was a sober woman who believed in God and tried to do her best. Whatever happened, this was not some ‘celebrity’ without values.


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