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See the costly Gold Casket Billionaire Politician, Emeka Offor Buried His Father in (Photos)

Nigerian politician and billionaire mogul, Emeka Offor has finally buried his father in a most expensive casket.





The late father of flambouyant businessman and politician, Sir Emeka Offor was buried today after a service held at the All Saint Anglican Church, Irefi Oraifite yesterday.

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The late father of the politician, Chief Benneth Offor was buried in an expensive and gold casket with many dignitaries in attendance.

10 Comments on See the costly Gold Casket Billionaire Politician, Emeka Offor Buried His Father in (Photos)

  1. if only Money can buy Life! Ajulo Olorun niyen!


  2. At the end, termites and worms will be the ones to flex in it.


  3. Is Donald Trump not coming for the burial again?


  4. Vanity!!! If you like, get buried in world bank money vault, it still remains vanity!


  5. It could be Gold plaited and not gold casket! If it’s really the later, that grave will have to be guarded by armed guards for decades against thieves for the casket will not decompose early! Is this wealth and affluence really necessary at this era of very severe recession where majority of his kinsmen can’t have a simple meal a day and many young ones can’t go to school! This money man should spend his excess money on the living and not the death!


  6. Total waste of moni…smh


  7. On the long run the corpse will rot and degenerate into inorganic matter just like that of the the homeless pauper
    Death is a leveller


  8. Gbogbo e na onje ikan .Thousand of people are out there looking for what to eat .


  9. Am very sure the buried man had gained the whole world and losses his soul. Now he has no profit. He lost heaven and now the money he left behind is being wasted. Oh no what a misery wasted life.
    It’s easier for the camel head to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.
    This is called wasted years


  10. This is act of wickedness. In this hard time? Many Nigerians are hungry and you had the mind to buy such for a late person. Vanity upon vanity. People like this man can NEVER train one person from his village in the university. They prefer wasting the money. God shall judge.


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