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“We’ll Not Allow Government To Destroy Public Universities” – ASUU

According to reports, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Friday, said it would not fold its hands and watch federal and state governments kill public universities.


The union asked parents, students and other stakeholders to direct their grievances against the ongoing one-week strike to the Federal Government.

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Speaking through its chapter in the Bayelsa State-owned Niger Delta University (NDU), ASUU insisted that the industrial action was for the best interest of development of tertiary education in the country.

Addressing a press conference at the school’s auditorium, the NDU chapter Chairman of ASUU, Dr. Stanley Ogoun, said the union would resist any attempt by politicians, who had started the business of running private universities, to kill public institutions.

He said the docility of stakeholders was the reason why state governments and politicians destroyed primary and secondary schools.

Ogoun said: “We call on students, parents and the ordinary people of Nigeria to understand that our actions are geared towards resisting and frustrating the attempt by the ruling class to commercialise and privatise university education in Nigeria.

“We will resist every attempt to kill the university system the way they killed primary and secondary schools. If we fail to stand on the side of truth, posterity will not forgive us.

“Before now, we were receiving subventions to run the universities, but now they are withdrawing the subventions. Most state universities are almost grounded why political actors are floating private universities”, he said.

He said the Federal Government jettisoned agreements it reached with the union adding that the 2009 agreement was to be reviewed every three years.

Ogoun said: “The current state of the economy is manmade and the government of the day must live up to its responsibilities by initiating policy options that would move us out of our current economic state, except the government is bereft of ideas”.

Explaining the series of strikes embarked upon by the union in 2009 and 2013, he lamented that most aspects of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) it signed with the government had not been implemented.

He said: “For the avoidance of doubt, this current action is compelled by failure of negotiations and several entreaties from our union since 2004 till date and the current trend in some states where staff salaries are sacrificed on the altar of other exigencies”.

He listed the reasons behind the strike as non-release of funds for revitalization of public universities; non-release of subventions to state universities by the visitors and non-payment of staff salaries and refusal to issue license for the registration of the Nigerian University Pension Management Company (NUPEMCO).

Others according to him were refusal to pay Earned Academic Allowances (EAA); shortfall in salaries leading to payment of fractions of staff salaries; non-payment of salaries of staff in the staff primary schools and exemption of universities from the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

4 Comments on “We’ll Not Allow Government To Destroy Public Universities” – ASUU

  1. I support this


  2. Issokay


  3. We know the government has it’s faults but you lecturers are not owning up to yours.
    When lecturers teacher with notes of the 60s
    When lecturers don’t have time to lecture in schools b’cos they have other schools (private) to go to.
    If lecturers strike that they will not teach in this private schools b’cos they see an injustice, will private schools be growing geometrically?
    When lecturers see themselves as gods and know it all, always witch-hunting those that they think as smart and will not “kiss their ass”.
    I am tired of listing there are so much that these lecturers should take responsibility for. Before they point fingers


  4. The past regimes really did a terrible damage to the public universities
    They do this by conniving with corrupt politcians, money minded religious organisations and government associates in the private sector to stiffle the public schools by starving them of much needed fund
    So sad


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