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Crowds Gather to Drink Holy Water Seeping From Jesus’ Statue in an Indian Village (Photos+Video)

People were confounded as crowds gathered after a figurine of Jesus Christ began dripping of ‘holy water’.



holy-figurine-1 holy-figurine-3

Excited pilgrims went out of control as they dragged one another in order to drink from a statue of Jesus Christ seeping ‘holy water’ at an Indian community.

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According to reports, the believers gathered in Kharodi, near Mumbai, to collect fluid flowing off the figurine’s feet as they believe it was holy. When words about the rare occurrence spread, crowd of locals in the predominantly Catholic village stormed the venue, some to catch a glimpse while others struggled to drink and collect the holy water many believed would cure any sickness.

Greg Periera, a resident of nearby village Malwani, said people were travelling from miles away to witness the phenomenon.

He said: ‘The pictures and videos of the statue soon went viral as devotees from Andheri and Bandra rushed to the spot to check for themselves.

‘We also saw people from far-off suburbs collecting holy water from the feet.’

Only a very small number of similar occurrences have been accepted by the Catholic Church as valid miracles, with numerous others proven to be hoaxes.

But it has accepted some modern events as miracles, such as the recovery from Parkinson’s Disease of Marie Simon-Pierre, attributed to the late Pope John Paul II. Claims of miracles that are never confirmed by the Church are common.

2 Comments on Crowds Gather to Drink Holy Water Seeping From Jesus’ Statue in an Indian Village (Photos+Video)

  1. Na wa ooo, wonders shall never end


  2. Well, its their belief at least they are set free through that. But not all will believe this


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