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Femi Falana blames hardship on corruption, leaders’ poverty of ideas

A human right lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, has said the suffering being experienced by Nigerians is a result of massive plundering of the nation’s resources and the poverty of ideas on the part of the leaders.


Falana said this in a pre-convocation lecture he delivered at the Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu in Osun State on Friday.

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The human eight-lawyer said, unfortunately, the youths were celebrating criminals and those who were plundering the nation because of the crumbs being given to them.

According to him, Nigeria is not poor, saying there will be abundant for the citizens if the nation’s wealth is invested wisely in youth development.

The lawyer, said in the lecture entitled “The blessings of natural resource endowments and the curse of corrupt leadership: critical perspectives on Nigeria’s state of underdevelopment,” that it was sad that Nigerian leaders stole now and transfer the fund to other countries.

He said, “We are not poor in Nigeria. What we have is poverty of idea of our leaders.”

He lamented the level of profligacy among the leaders despite that the nation was going through recession, saying the hardship might not end soon contrary to the hope being demonstrated by the government.

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  1. Well said


  2. Honestly speaking


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