Nigerians want Goodluck Jonathan back to power, says PDP

Peoples Democratic Party under the leadership of Senator Ahmed Makarfi, has said that Nigerians are yearning for the return of former President Goodluck Jonathan to power.


It said this in its congratulatory message on the 59 birthday of the former President.

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Spokesperson for the Makarfi-led national caretaker committee of the party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, said in a statement in Abuja on Sunday, that Jonathan’s legacies and achievements in academia, politics, governance and social life remain indelible and worthy of emulation by well-meaning people.

He said, “You are a shining light during and after office as one of the Heads of State in Nigeria and Africa in general who willingly conceded power to the opposition in the interest of peace and democracy.

“In less than two years of leaving office, Nigerians are yearning and crying for your return especially as your successor who won the 2015 presidential election on the altar of propaganda and lies against your administration has done no better since he took over from you on May 29, 2015.

“The harvest of your electoral reforms for free, fair and credible electoral and democratic processes for which the All Progressive Congress is the primary beneficiary of have been eroded and quickly replaced with inconclusive elections, electoral apathy, voter inducement, intimidation, harassment and unfair incarceration of judges and squeezing of opposition at all levels.”



  1. Senseless talk who want him back? What for? To comple his damage? Never again the worst of GMB can’t never be compaire with best of GEL at all

  2. That must be corrupt Nigerians and their hangers on
    It’s only an enemy of Nigeria that will want such lame duck president like Jonathan who supervised the worst type of corruption to return
    He can only return to kill off Nigeria

  3. Now it is confirmed. We know why the so called avengers are relentless in destroying the economy of this country. They are bent on causing confusion and chaos ,even to the detriment of the real Niger Delta people, by continually disrupting the flow of petroleum for foreign exchange earnings and gas for the generation of power.
    They should continue.But they should also be rest assured that other Nigerians who do not have ulterior motives, but the well being of this country are watching.
    Time will tell.

  4. If the statement is true. Let the useless people deceiving people party field the nation killer GEJ in 2019. Someone who could not even rule his own house. He is an apology of a man. May God reward him n his cohort who set the nation back 100 steps speedily so that others can learn from it. Those saying this nonsense. U are on ur own o. May God let ur life be ruled as ur GEJ ruled Nigeria o.

  5. Senator Ahmed Makarfi and his co-travelers must be cracking some huge joke.

    The Almighty God we serve will never allow us to go back to “EGYPT”. God forbid!

  6. Laughable.Pretty dumb all due respects how some nigerians think…..even if GEJ did excellently, you want him to crawl out of his comfort to where?
    Let these political actors learn to think straight.

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