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Popular South African Pastor Uses Pesticide To Heal Members (Photos)

A popular South African prophet, Lethebo Rabalago has sparked a media controversy after he was pictured using pesticide to heal worshipers during his Church’s Sunday service.




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A popular South African based pastor, Prophet Lethebo Rabalago of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), has been pictured allegedly spraying congregants with the “healing powers” of pesticide Doom to rid them of their troubles.

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peaking to a correspondent, Rabalgo told eNCA that he uses Doom insect killer to heal people with cancer, HIV or any other illnesses.

Photographs of the Doom-spraying at a service and prayer meeting over the weekend were shared on a Facebook account allegedly belonging to the prophet.

One photograph from Sunday was captioned: “Mrs Mitala. The Prophet called sick people to come foward. She went to the forth and told the Prophet that she suffers from ulcer. The Prophet sprayed doom on her and she recived her healing and and deliverance. We give God the glory!”

In a number of posts‚ MZGA testified of those who had received healing from Rabalago’s method of dousing worshippers in Doom.

In another post the church, MZGA’s facebook page said: “By my name‚ you shall drive out demons. By my name‚ you shall pick up snakes. Anything you touch‚ receives favour because of the annointing upon you.

“Doom is just a name‚ but when you speak to it to become a healing product‚ it does. People get healed and delivered through doom. Its not by might nor by power‚ but by the HolySpirit. We give God the glory!!”

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  1. This man na prophet of doom


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