(A Must READ) The Season of Snakes visiting Nigerian homes in month of November – NEMA warns

Vital Information from National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)


It isn’t news anymore that the weather has lost its friendliness and this is due to heat wave and high temperature. The harshness of the weather isn’t of distraught to just humans but animals especially reptiles who are now in search of cooler places like your homes. NEMA fulfilling its obligation of securing lives and property of Nigerians has come up with the following safety tips:

  1. Don’t keep the windows opened for too long for Cobras and Mambas can climb very high walls.
  2. Avoid leaving the doors of homes open for fresh air in the evening. These reptiles are reticent you might not know when they get in.
  3. Before relaxing under a tree with shades check around and make sure it is relatively safe.
  1. Check your bed properly before lying down for Cobras are notorious for hiding under the sheets. And make sure you check your environment.
  2. Avoid the ritual of relaxing outside the house mattresses and mats in the evenings for snakes are nocturnal, that is, very active at night.
  3. Don’t be weary of just snakes but Centipede (Mosithaphala ) and its likes which is fast and very venomous.
  1. Do not live in bushy environments. Make sure your environment is clean to avoid rats making it an abode; remember rats are very delicious to reptiles. Don’t make your homes an eatery to be patronized by snakes.
  1. Buy snake repellent powder and pour it round your environment doing this will definitely reduce the risk of a snake visiting your home by 90%.

And lastly, beware of confronting this snakes that get into the homes; some snakes can be killed in a cinch but others like the black Mamba are very cocky and if threatened they will attack one in an atrocious manner leaving one with multiple bites. Be careful how you kill these snakes or call for  wildlife staff or soldiers to help get rid of it/them.


Be Vigilante!

It’s quite dangerous to keep your mouth shut; If You See Something Say Something!

And Don’t forget, Security is Everyone’s Responsibility.


Thank you!


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