Bride Forced to Marry 'Alone' after Her Fiance Did This on Their Wedding Day (Photos)

A woman has been compelled to get married alone on her wedding day after the groom missed the ceremony for some reason.




A Chinese bride stunned people on her wedding day when she, on November 16, 2016, decided to marry “alone” in Guizhou province of southwest China.

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The woman stood alone on the special day as her groom who is part of the special unit of local police department, chose to compete in a SWAT exercise contest instead of showing up for their wedding ceremony.

According to the state’s local newspaper report, the bride and her husband-to-be had set up the wedding plan a month ahead of their big day, the groom was then, reportedly assigned to take part in the SWAT exercise competition of his force on his wedding day, and he accepted the arrangement.

The groom is said to be part of the special unit of local police department, in China.

The wife told the newspaper that she is proud of her husband and will carry on the wedding ceremony even though her husband to be couldn’t make it.

Photos taken at the wedding ceremony showed the bride, dressed in red coat, stood alone at her wedding ceremony with relatives. The pictures went viral immediately after the story got publicized.

Meanwhile, many online users have questioned the strength of the man’s love, asking if he is really worth a husband for the woman, while some others have argued that the groom’s job is to protect the people, even if it had t be on his special day.


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