(Episode 6) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

Anna keeps on trying the number to no avail, she knows that this is unlike Ken, as he hardly ignores her call. She begins to suspect that he may have stolen the money and that is why he is ignoring her call. She dials Amuze’s number, his only friend that she knows, the phone rings and after a while it says switched off.

Madam Shine: “What are you standing there pressing your phone for? Where is your fiance who stole my money?”

Anna: “Ma, he is not a thief, there is no way he could have stolen your money”.

Madam Shine: “If he didn’t steal my money then where is he?”

Anna: “I can’t reach him on phone”.

Madam Shine: “You can’t what? That is it! I can’t take it anymore, the police has to take over”.

Anna: “But what about Julie, maybe she stole the money and that is why she ran away”.

Madam Shine: “You and Emeka will rot in jail until you produce Julie and that your criminal of a fiance.


Ken is on a bike to Amuze’s place to find something to eat when his phone begins to ring. He ignores the call with the intention that he will call back the caller when he gets to Amuze’s place. Unfortunately for him, as his battery had drained and there is power outage in Amuze’s area.

Ken: “Nna, how far, now. When dey carry una light?”

Amuze: “O boy, e never too tey like that sha”.

Ken: “Abegi, that’s what you always say; e never too tey. Yet, I never come your house come meet light before”.

Amuze: “That’s Naija for you, now. At least I better pass you, I get house. You, where is your house?”

Ken: “My babe house na my house now. See when this contract I am doing hits ehn, I will spoil you all with money, then na to carry Anna go straight to the altar after I don use the money buy duplex in Asokoro”.

Amuze: “Forget talk, jare. Which mumu contract is that? You and I know that you are not into any contract so stop deceiving yourself and stop thinking that you can deceive me, I am not Anna who you go about deceiving”.

Ken: “Na you sabi, o. Abeg, any food dey house? I am so hungry!”
Amuze: “Oh boy, nothing o. I was just about going to Angelina’s house when you came in.”

Ken: “If food will be there, why not man, let’s go there”.

They set out to Angelina’s house and which is about five minutes walk from Amuze’s house. They meet Angelina and her friend in the house cooking.

Ken: “Angelie baby, you can use your cooking skills to snatch another woman’s husband”

Amuze: “No just try am o, I can’t share my angel with anyone”.

Angelina: “hahaha…you guys are so funny. By the way, this is my friend Tiana and she is the one cooking not me”.

After the introduction, they settle down to eating and Ken could not help but stare at Tiana’s extra large boobs which she deliberately flaunted at him with her provocative moves.

Ken: “You are such a great cook, Tiana. I almost licked my fingers, not sure I have ever tasted anything this good. If not that I am engaged, mehn I would have asked you out here and now.”


Angelina: “It’s not too late to port to here, now. After all you are not married”.

Tiana: “Yes o, it’s not too late. Even if you are married, I don’t mind, polygamy is allowed in Africa”.

Ken: Why is there no light here?

Tiana: Are you new in Nigeria?

Ken and Tiana kept talking and talking as if they’ve known each other for years. Their conversation lasted for few minutes, say 25 minutes and there could not be any trace of boredom during this period. Ken decides to throw in a joke

Ken: Anyways, make I give una small jokes before NEPA brings light sef. “Hin get this popular Church for Lagos, After the mid-week service, A wife saw her husband sitting quietly in the garden.. she got concerned and decided to ask him.

Wife: Hey Darling, why are you sitting so quiet in the garden? What is it that is bothering you?

The Husband replied…

Husband: I’m still thinking about what the pastor said. It doesn’t make me comfortable.

Wife: What is it?

Husband: The Pastor confessed he slept with all married women and Single Ladies in the church but only one woman doesn’t want to sleep with him.

Wife: That must be Mrs Eunice. She thinks she is better than everyone.

Husband fainted!!!!!!!!!

Everybody was thrown into uncontrollably belly laughs. Tiana seems to like Ken at this minute.

They set out to watch movies as soon as PHCN restores electricity and Ken plugs his phone to charge. Immediately the phone comes up, Anna’s message comes in asking if he stole her madam’s money and requesting him to see her at the Police Station where she is being held.

Ken: “Guys, wahala dey o, Anna is in Police net for stealing and they are suspecting me because I went to their shop today. She said I should come over to the station now”.

Amuze: “Don’t try it o. If you go there, you will be arrested and nobody will come out to bail you”

Tiana: “Yes o, don’t even try it. If they arrest you, Anna will leave and get married to another man while you rot in jail. Listen, I am here for you, Come and relax on my back let me massage you. Life is too short to hand one’s self to the police”, she said drawing near to him and carressing him while Amuze and Angelina excuse them as if they planned it earlier.

Question: “Will Ken ignore Anna in the cell? Will Madam Shine and the Police find Julie? Will Ken fall for Tiana’s seduction?

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  1. Ken will surely abandon Anna for the mere fact that he’s a parasite, doesn’t truly love Anna and he’s a coward.
    I’m still betting on the prophet or Julie. Though it could be anyone including Emeka

  2. Anoother one! Bhim!!!
    Adelove if u guys have millions of fan I’m among and if u have only one that’s me and the moment u realize there is no fan then just think I’m gone to visit my ancestors. Loving every beat. Lol

  3. Its unfair,that one bad thing about men,this the same girl that refused to give up during his own time ,and bailed him by all means ,let’s see if he will do the same for her,which I doubt

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  6. Adelove thank u for ur beautifully cooked stories. I’ve been a silent fan since onset but can’t hold my piece anymore, I love ur stories and I must commend ur effort may God bless u and give u more inspiration. Pls keep it up

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