Gay coach arrested in Lagos for having anal sex with players

A football coach, Frank Darlington, 49, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly having anal sex with his players.


Fatai Owoseni, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, paraded the suspect before journalists at the commands headquarters in Ikeja.

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Owoseni said the coach always lures some of his players to his house under the pretence of assisting him with his house chores and then has carnal knowledge of the young boys through the anus.

Owoseni said the suspect was arrested when two among the several of the young boys he had molested reported their experience to their parents.

Darlington was then arrested by policemen from Elere Police Division, Agege on Thursday.
According to the suspect: “I always get fascinated to the boys whenever I remember my wife, because it is not easy staying alone without a woman.

“I always make love to these boys through the front and their anus because whenever I feel sexual urge I would lure them to assist me with some house chore.
“It is not every time I sleep with some of the boys. Sometimes I do romance them just to relieve myself of my feelings for my wife.
“I don’t force the boys to make love with them. After I have pondered on my lifestyle I decided to put a stop to what I am doing.
“I have been making love to some of these boys over a year now, but during this period I have lost counts of the boys.
“Initially when I started making love to the boys, I see it as fun because it never occured to me that what I was doing is wrong and what God forbids.
“This arrest was as a result of one of the boys I had made love to before.
“I was arrested by the parents of one the boys I had carnal knowledge of.
“I have not seen the boy for about three months and I wanted to get my jersey back from him.
“In the process, I want to check on him at his mother’s shop but not knowing he had reported me to his elder brother.
“Unfortunately, when I got to the boy’s mother shop, his elder brother came out and pounced on me and they started beating me and I was later handed over to the police.
“I regret my action, but in everything we have given thanks to God.
“I believe if I am not arrested I would have continued with my bad lifestyle.
“I also believe that God want to change me for the better and show me the true salvation of Christ.”
One of the victims said Darlington had slept with him about five times.
He said: “The very first time he made love to me was when I went to assist him to fetch water.
“I was about to leave his house when he ordered me to lie on his bed that we are about to do some exercise.
“To my surprise, he asked me to undress.
“Before I knew what was happening, he had climbed on me and then turned me around and made straight to my anus with his manhood.
“After that fateful day’s incidence, he threatened to kill me if I report to anybody about what transpired between us.”
The victim said he joined the club in February 2015 in order to be a great footballer.
He however said after noticing the kind of person Darlington was, he stopped going to training before he was invited police as a witness.
Another suspect, who does not want his name in print, said he had lost count of the number of times Darlington had slept with him.
He said: “It is not every time he makes love to me through the anus.
“Most of the time, he would ask me to hug him and discharge on my body.
“When I could not bear it anymore, I then informed my mother about what the coach is doing to us, his players, but she never believed me until my colleague who also had similar encounter recounted his experience to my mother.
“We are about 50 in the club.
“It was because of the attitude of the coach that made some of the players to leave, but those of us who are still with him don’t know the kind of person he was until he molested us.”


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