Go to another country if you do not like Trump US judge tells new citizens

A judge  in the US has told new US citizens that they “need to go to another country” if they do not like President-elect Donald Trump.


Presiding over a citizenship ceremony at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, Judge John Primomo said this when he commented on the outcome of the US election.

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In footage obtained by KENS 5 News, the federal judge can be heard telling the new citizens: “I can assure you, that whether you voted for him or you did not vote for him, if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your President.

“He will be your President, and if you do not like that you need to go to another country.”

He later reportedly said his words were meant to be unifying.


Mr Trump has vowed to crack down on immigration and has reaffirmed his campaign pledge to build a wall between the US and Mexico – although he has conceded parts of it may just be a fence.

During the White House race he also pledged to ban Muslims from entering the country and vowed to block those who sympathise with extremist groups or who fail to embrace American values.

However, those taking part in Thursday’s citizenship ceremony, which involved taking an oath of allegiance to officially complete the naturalisation process, had a more positive outlook.

Mohammed al Fayyadh, originally from Iraq, told the news channel: “It is exciting to be an American.

“I believe America is bigger than whoever is in office.”

Rafael Guerra, born in Mexico, added: “The essence of Americans is that you have the right to vote and choose who you want to represent you.”



  1. @Ifeoluwa, tell your Government or Politicians to STOP stealing National Treasure and transfer it to aboard. Donald Trump does not have time for that, and he has said it loud and clear that Nigeria should fix that country. Put Your Country First, Not Personal or Political Interest. He Put USA First and I believe he wants the best for USA.

  2. That is the best answer to all those idiots who go about stressing themseives by protesting against Trump’s God given victory
    They all had the chance to cast their votes and they clearly lost
    For goodness sake, why can’t they go bury their heads in sand instead of making a mockery of themselves
    They all can migrate to Africa and Asia if they can’t put up with Trump as their president

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