Meet the Real-life Vampire Who Drinks Her Boyfriend's Blood and Avoids Sunlight (Photos)

Meet Australia’s real-life vampire who drinks blood and avoids the sun.






Brisbane make-up artist Georgina Condon developed a thirst for blood when she was just 12 years old and has avoided full sunlight for the past 20 years.

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The 39-year-old self-employed businesswoman also needs blood for her medical heredity disorder, thalassemia, and sucks it from her boyfriend at least once a week.

Without blood, she struggles to cope with anaemia and a lack of iron.

‘I can become moody and in extremes lethargic wanting to sleep a lot,’ she told Daily Mail Australia on Sunday.

The high from drinking blood is as good as s*x.

‘I would put them on par. It is mainly arousal and joy,’ she said. ‘There is a reason that most vampire shows combine the two. It is a form of high that can’t be exactly described.’

Her boyfriend of nearly three years, Zamael, allows her to drink blood directly from a wound, created by cutting his skin with a sterile razor blade and letting it flow a little.

‘It is not daily as that would be far too much a burden on his body, leading to way too many wounds,’ Ms Condon said. ‘I try on a weekly basis but it is hard on him and we don’t have a set time such as “dinner time” that would be strange.’

She met her other half at a Bloodlust Ball in Brisbane.

The taste for drinking blood taste at age 17, when she found her first female ‘donor’.

‘It’s not about the gore, it can be a very sensual thing, she enjoyed being drank from,’ Ms Condon said. ‘I was getting off on the drinking and she was getting off being drank from.’

The Queenslander has also suffered from solar dermatitis for all her adult life, which means she has to avoid going out in full sunlight.

‘I went to to Cairns with an ex-boyfriend and that’s when it first started,’ she said. ‘I developed this rash, much like eczema and it can be painful on stifling days like today in Brisbane.’

As a young adult, the make-up artist started visiting Goth clubs and vampire balls, finding men were often ‘turned on’ to discover she was a self-confessed vampire.

In asking how a pair of vampires ‘feed,’ she said she rarely used her fangs and instead would cut a wound with a razor and let the blood ‘flow’

‘You have to be very careful, it can go deep very quickly,’ she said, adding she knows how to avoid an artery.

Her passion started when she was a child, before films such a Twilight or TV shows like True Blood and Dexter became hits.

She would open wounds on her own body by picking off scabs and developed a thirst for blood when she was 12.

‘There is a science to it, it’s like when you’re hanging for a really good red steak,’ she said.

Although she was dressing in black and putting talcum powder on her face, Ms Condon tried to keep her active vampirism a secret as friends called her ‘weird.’

‘I still get a few people on the street asking me if I like garlic,’ she said. ‘I just turn around and tell them I love it.’

She said she no longer finds other donors as Zamael considers it cheating.

Instead she ‘feeds’ off him each week to keep herself satisfied.

‘He sacrifices to give me what I want from time to time,’ Ms Condon said. ‘He believes in monogamy so it’s a form of intimacy.’

On speaking about her jagged teeth, the Brisbane woman said she had a specialist fang-maker design them.

However, she is hoping to be able to get veneers put in so the fangs become ‘functional.’

‘They aren’t really necessary as the wound is already open,’ she said. ‘But I am fascinated with that look, it’s sexy.’

Her mother Tina and her younger sister Peta understand her need for blood.

‘They accept I do it but in no way have they ever done or desired to do something like that,’ Ms Condon said. ‘It is not a family thing. Actually, my sister is a vegetarian these days.’

While she enjoys the popular television shows True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, she said the literature and fictional nature can mask the true essence to being a vampire.

‘I want to express it well, I don’t want it to end up you sounding silly as people often get strange when I talk about it,’ she said. ‘It’s not like in a movie – I don’t hide in the shadows and jump out at people.’


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