Couple Spotted N*ked, Swimming and Playing Inside Local Stream in Broad Daylight (Photos)

A couple has caused a stir on social media after being spotted n*ked in broad daylight as they take a swim together.



These are the photos that have caused some stir on the internet.
The photos show a couple loved up inside a stream as they take a swim together.

A look at the photos show that it is a public stream but the couple does not seem to care as they unrest to have a good time.

The lady is seen in the stream with her lover. She is n*ked with just her pant on while the man has his shorts on.

The man is all over the lady, hugging and caressing her with no care in this world.

Needless to say, the couple has became an online sensation after their pictures hit the internet.

Many social media users have found the development funny.

“Abeg, allow the man and woman jor. Not every time Dubai or Paris and Los Angeles. Sometimes just do it in the stream.” one wrote

Another said: “Twale for the couple. Vacation goals. I love their style jor”


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