(Episode 9) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

Emeka gets on his knees inside the Police cell and begins to pray calling on God to intervene in his case and set him free. He knows that only God can set him free as he has no one to bail him out. He thinks of contacting his uncle but his phone was seized immediately he got to the station. As he is on his knees praying, a policeman comes and drag him to the interrogation room.

“Oga , abeg help me. I no carry my madam money, I swear, we no dey carry person thing for where I come from”.

Policeman: “Listen, my friend, just confide in me and I will let you go now. Where are you hiding the money?”

Emeka: “I say I no see the money!”

Policeman: “Okay, tell me, is it Anna that took the money? Who did? Say something!”

Emeka: “I no see the money and I no know who carry am.”

The policeman gets angry and threatens to torture Emeka until he confesses. Emeka scared about Police torture especially with that he has seen in the movies makes up his mind telling he had seen Anna’s boyfriend stealing the money. He is bent on doing anything to get him off Police net.

Emeka: “Oga, promise me say this thing wey I wan tell you no go put me inside trouble and you no go tell anybody say na me talk am”.

Policeman: “How dare you ask me to make a promise to you. Say what you have to say before I throw you back into cell”.

Emeka: “Erm…I kno..”

Policeman: “My friend will you speak up!” he roared, kicking the table with his legs.

“Hold on, officer!” another policeman walks in interrupting the interrogation session.

“What is it, officer? This criminal was about confessing before you walked in”.

“Confess? Anyway, something came up about the case. Bring him out”.

Anna and Emeka are released after their madam told the police that she had found her money in a polythene bag which he hid somewhere in her office. “My workers are all innocent, in fact the other one we couldn’t find was involved in an accident and she came around to see me. I was searching for a polythene bag to use when I was about to leave the shop yesterday, I saw one and when I opened it, my money was in it. I remember keeping the money there to take to the bank the next day. The thing totally escaped my mind. I have always had this problem of short memory”, she narrated to the Policemen who stared at her with awe in their eyes. She withdraws the case, gives the police some money for the troubles she put them through and promises to compensate Anna and Emeka.


Ken ignoring Tiana’s threats goes back to Anna’s house, freshens up and heads to the Police station. He checks his pocket and realises that he has only N70. He decides to trek some distance from the house before picking a bike to the station. After walking for about 3kilometers, he stops a bike man.

Ken: “Police station”.

Bike man: “Oga, your money na N200”.

Ken: “N200 say wetin happen na. This Police station wey no far from here?”

Bike man: “Oga, you no know say recession dey? Everything don add money. If the place no far, why you no trek am na. The last wey I fit help you na N150”.

Ken: “What on earth has recession got to do with this? Nigerians can exploit one another”.

The bike man zooms off.. Ken stops two other bike men and none agree to take him to the station for the N70 that he has in his pocket. He walks for some minutes before seeing a bike who agrees to carry him for the amount he has.

When he gets to the station, he meets a woman dragging in a young man by the waist. The boy clad in only boxers and while vest turned brown is shaking in the woman’s hand like a leaf in a dry harmattan season.

Woman: “Police, make una come o, this boy no wan allow my daughter rest. As in waist small like this, na so so do him dey do my daughter. If I commot from house small like this, na so im go deceive my daughter she go run enter the room. Last year, him give my pickin belle two times, na agbo (local Yoruba herbs) na im we take wash the belle commot. I warn am make e leave my pickin alone but e no gree. Today, I catch am on top my pickin dey knack her like say im don pay her bride price. Na too much sex no make am get body so, 24 years old person dey like person wey never reach 18years. Nonsense, ashawo boy”.

Boy: “Oga Police, no mind her o, na her daughter dey come meet me for my room everytime. The girl no dey tire with sex at all. She say my thing too sweet”.

The woman keeps shaking the boy, screaming and raining insults on him until Policemen intervene and moves them in. Ken on seeing the policeman that came to arrest him with the landlord draws back. He is afraid and roams outside the station street for some minutes before going in. Luckily for him, it is a different Policeman at the counter.

Ken: “Well done, sir”.

Policeman: “Taani well done, sir? Which work did you give that you are telling me weldone?”

Ken: “Ah! I was only greeting o, sorry”.

Policeman: “You left your house just to come and greet a policeman, you must be a mad man”.

Ken: “Sorry, sir. I am here to see Anna”.

Policeman: “Who be Anna?”

Ken: “Anna Linus”.

Policeman: “Eyya, that fine innocent girl wey suffer for cell for nothing? Them don release her. True, if no be say that girl no go gree marry Police, I for ask her to marry me. I no mind to add her join for my four wives wey dey house”.

Ken on listening to the voice of the Policeman who arrested him approaching bolts out of the station like a man carrying fire in his buttocks.  He is excited at the news that Anna has been released. “I hope say Anna no go change am for me because I no go see her for cell o”, he thinks.


After madam Shine paid for their treatment, Anna starts to leave the pharmacy but she stops her.

Madam Shine: “Where are you going?”

Anna: “I am going to my house”.

Madam Shine: “Are we not going to the shop?”

Anna: “I don’t want to work in your shop anymore. I am going back to the village tomorrow”.

Madam Shine: “Biko, don’t talk like that, now. I am really sorry for everything that happened and I will make it up to you”.

Anna: “I can’t promise that I will come back to work for you again. I have to go home, rest and think about it. I will get back to you”.

Madam Shine: “Okay, I will be expecting you in the shop tomorrow. Emeka, you nko?”

Emeka: “After everything wey happen, I for like to leave the work but wetin I go chop if I leave the work? Where I go dey see money to send to my grandmother for her drugs? Madam I go work, na condition cause everything”, Emeka says fighting tears forming in his eyes.

Anna leaves the pharmacy with a heavy heart. She remembers that Ken didn’t visit her in the police station and she feels betrayed. “After everything I did for Ken, he still has the heart to abandon me when I needed him most”, she laments.


Anna gets home and discovers that Ken’s things are still in her house. She is infuriated, “So, the idiot didn’t pack his belongings when he absconded. He will come back and meet them outside”. One after the other she picks his shirts and folds them in his bag and throws everything out.

Ken walks into the compound and meeting his bag outside, he begins to shout thinking it is the landlord who carried out his threat of throwning them out.

Ken: “Who be the olori buruku wey trowey my things for outside? The person dey craze? If the person no dey fear, maik him commot con face me”.


Anna: “Ken! Stop making a fool of yourself before everyone. I threw out your things, pack and leave my house”.

Ken: “Anna sugar, welcome back, I have missed you. Sorry I didn’t come to visit you, I was running around to get money to pay your madam so…”

Anna: “Shhh! Pack your things and leave me alone!”

Ken: “My wife, Iyawo mi, my olori, the apple of my eyes, baby’m, the sun that brightens my day, my world, you don’t have to throw me out. Not when I want us to go and meet your parents next weekend for us to start our marriage plans”.

As he is talking, Anna receives a message from the landlord,

Remember your promise to me, now is the perfect time to break up with him so that you can be with me, I have my eyes on you.”

Question: “Should Anna go back to work for madam Shine? Will she take Ken back? Could he be serious about meeting her parents? How will she handle the landlord?”

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  1. Ken, sorry, you are in for it lol

    Ken: “Who be the olori buruku wey trowey my things for outside? The person dey craze? If the person no dey fear, maik him commot con face me”.

  2. She should try and make up with Ken…. Who knows, she might get lucky this time… But Ken sef no try…. Anna sef… May God deliver you…. As in she needs serious deliverance….

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