Fashola warns DISCOs to Stop blackmailing FG over MDA Debt

As controversy trails debt owed electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) by Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs), Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola has warned DISCOs to stop blackmailing the Federal Government over the issue.


He said no amount of harassment from DISCOs would make him offset MDAs power consumption debts without verification.

Fashola,  who spoke at the opening of the 10th monthly meeting with power sector operators in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, also advised DISCOs to pursue the debt issue in their capacities as distribution companies and not on the platform of any association.

While recognising that the nation’s Constitution guarantees freedom of association, Fashola noted that the privatisation exercise, which led to the transfer of the distribution assets of power, was not held between the Federal Government and any association but 11 individual companies.

He expressed disappointment that the companies had placed advertorials on the platform of the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distribution (ANED), “which failed to tell Nigerians the whole truth about the debts,” pointing out that the DISCOs had, so far, failed to provide details of such debts for verification.

Fashola declared: “Let me say without any equivocation that government will not succumb to this blackmail, at least not the Federal Government of Nigeria”.

The minister, who recalled his promise at assumption of duties that government would pay all duly verified debts, expressed displeasure that the DISCOs failed to tell Nigerians, in their advertisement, of various meetings seeking solution to the debt problem and that, at the last monthly meeting with them in Sokoto, an online platform was provided by government to enable them submit details of the debts with ease. He said none of the DISCOs complied with the agreed deadline.

“I think that advertisement should have mentioned how many DISCOs have complied with that instruction. That advertisement should also have told Nigerians how much was owed and to which DISCO.

“It is important to remind Nigerians that the privatisation exercise did not vest the DISCOs in an association. Instead it was vested in 11 individual companies.

“But, government will not pay its debts estimated to be about N100 billion under the aegis of an association.

“That is not how to resolve debts. Every DISCO knows how much power it supplied. Debts are not calculated by estimates. It is either N100 billion or less than N100 billion, but not an estimate,” the minister noted.



  1. Anyone who knows Mr. Fashola should please tell him that getting prepaid meter is a big issue in Lagos state at the moment. Nigerians have heard again and again that the meters are FREE, but this seem to be a fairy tale that never exists. Its even worse in Satellite and Festac town area where my parents stay, people pay between a tune of 50 to 100 thousand naira to get these meters and you wont get them until after 3 months. This is FRAUD and CORRUPTION at its peak.
    The electricity company’s don’t come around to read peoples meter anymore but issue ridiculous estimated bills every month-end based on figures they see in their dreams I guess. How they come about these figures is incomprehensible to most people and when inquiries are sent, one never gets a response.
    Someone that lives in a one room and living room has not cumulatively used electricity for 10 out of 31 days in a month and he is issued between 15 to 30 thousand naira as electricity bill every month. This figure is well above the minimum wage and you wonder how individuals are suppose to meet up with these sort of bills amongst other monthly expenditure that they have lined-up.
    Electricity companies in Nigeria have highly corrupt officials that should be sentenced to life in prison and should even be left there in death. If this government is out to fight corruption as it always says, Nigerian masses urgently require FG’s intervention in resolving this SCAM called DISCOS. The EFCC and other anti fraud agencies should come to the aid of Nigerians.

  2. Almost all sectors of the present administration has failed to deliver on the dividens of democracy and the only thing people are hoping to keep patching life which is light is also failed since the rain stopped.

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