Gay activist, Bisi Alimi gives reasons for his political ambition

Bisi Alimi, Nigerian gay rights activist, has given reasons why he wants to join the Nigerian politics very soon, stating that the different attitude shown by the political class and the religious organization in enriching themselves from the poor form his reasons for venturing into politics.


According to him, its no longer time to pray for change but to force it into being.

He wrote on his Facebook wall on Wednesday,

“The only thing that has changed has been the harsh economic situations over 80% of Nigerians found themselves now. The poor has become poorer.

“The indifference of the political class is of concern and the religious organisations are abandoning their responsibility to the poor while they enrich themselves.

“This is the reason I will be going into politics because, you don’t pray change into being, you forced it into being.

“This won’t be change like before. No it won’t be business as usual. This will be change driven by the audacity to hope.”


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