Guys, Take Note! Here are 3 S*x Positions You Must Avoid If You Want Her to Orgasm

If you have always craved for ways to effortlessly make your woman orgasm during s*x, then these are some positions to avoid.


Certain s*x positions make it much harder for women to orgasm – here are three you should avoid at all costs.

You can have great s*x without reaching the big-O, but lets face it it’s better if you do.

But recent study, by Indiana University, found that 85% of men thought their partner had orgasmed when in fact only 64% of women had. In short, this means there are lots of unsatisfied women out there.

One of the problems is, some s*x positions make an orgasm hard to come by.

“Many men prefer sex positions where they can control penetration and often these positions are not clitoral-centric,” Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., licensed marriage and family therapist and certified s*x therapist, told Women’s Health.

And since more than 80% of women are reliant on clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm there are certain positions that are big no-nos.

Here are three sex positions to avoid if you want her to orgasm:

1. Missionary

This position can be really sexy and intimate, which is why it’s a firm favourite with couples. But the standard Missionary position isn’t great for making her orgasm.

Try mixing things up by lying on top of him with his legs outstretched instead. This will allow much more clitoral stimulation.

2. Doggy

People in Britain like to do it on all fours according to a recent survey which found that Brits’ favourite position is Doggy Style.

The poll of 1,000 adults across the UK found that one in four people favour that sex position above all others.

But there’s no easy clitoral contact with this sex position and some women report that their partners go too deep while doing it doggy, which can be painful, says Van Kirk.

To improve your chances make sure you let your partner know he’s going too far, or place your hand at the base of his penis to limit his penetration. He could always spice things up a bit by reaching round to stimulate your cliterous with his hands.

3. Standing S*x

This sex move always looks hot on TV, but in real life it’s really impractical. If the woman is a lot shorter it can be very hard to get into a comfortable position and being relaxed is key if you want to climax.

Try propping one leg on a chair to combat the height difference and open your legs wider so that your guy can wrap his arm around or under you to stimulate your clitoris during sex.


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