How I withdrew N16.7bn cash for former Governor Jonah Jang – Plateau government cashier tells panel

A former cashier has told a probe panel of enquiry how he withdrew N16.7 billion cash for former Plateau State governor, Jonah Jang.


Yusuf Pam, a former cashier attached to the office of the Secretary to the State Government, told the panel that he withdrew the N16.7 billion based on “executive directive from the former governor”.

He told the commission that he was given security backup to withdraw the cash, and disclosed that each withdrawal was “usually a maximum of N150 million, which is always delivered to the governor”.

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry has since said the money was not accounted for by the past administration.

On Tuesday, the commission examined witnesses with respect to a memo against Jang and the Office of the Secretary to the State Government.

The chairman of the commission, Stephen Adah, while analysing the contents of the memo, observed that the N16.7 billion was withdrawn by Pam.

Kelvin Bamshak, former Director, Finance and Supply, Office of the SSG, while standing as a witness, told the commission that the N16.7 billion was a “classified expenditure”.

Bamshak said that the purpose for the withdrawal, and how it was expended, was only known by the Jang.

He also revealed that N100 million was released as running cost to `Operation Rainbow’, a security outfit established by Jang, to complement the police and the Special Task Force, in addressing lingering security issues.

The commission also observed that another N5 million was withdrawn via the Automated Teller Machine in 2010, and revealed that the money could not be traced to anyone as no beneficiary was identified.

The chairman thereafter adjourned further hearing on the memo to November 23.



  1. N16.7bn cash? This people will not stop at any level to discredit someone that has worked for his people.How did he carry the money? Which bank gave such cash? Think pls

  2. I agree with you @kola. I used to live in jos and Jang was outstanding: the last serious road/other projects was in the 60s-70s by Late Gov Joseph Gomwalk

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