Ladies! These are 9 Noticeable Signs Of Having a Baby Girl or Boy During Pregnancy

While pregnant, you’re likely super curious about whether it’s a girl or boy, way before your ultrasound scan makes the big reveal.


Lots of quite interesting signs abound on how to tell if it’s a girl or boy. Below are 9 of such signs, check to see whether you should bank on them or not.

1. Morning sickness

It is said that if your morning sickness is very severe, it’s a girl, but if it’s mild, you’re carrying a baby boy. While a study published in The Lancet revealed that women who had severe morning sickness during pregnancy were more likely to have girls, this speculation is not backed by sufficient scientific evidence.

2. Baby’s heart rate

A lower heart rate is said to be associated with baby boys. It is believed if your doctor measures your baby’s heart rate and if falls below 140, it’s a boy as baby girls usually have a heart rate of over 140 beats per minute. However, some studies have revealed there’s no significant difference between a baby boy and girl’s heart rate in early pregnancy.

3. Crazy cravings

Crazy cravings for salty and savory foods like potato chips is said to be a sign it’s a boy, while carrying a baby girl is associated with excessive cravings for sugary treats such as sweets and chocolates. However, pregnancy craving do indeed vary from one pregnancy to the other and is likely due to your changing nutritional needs.

4. Urine colour

Darker urine colour is believed to be a sign it a boy while having lighter, more cloudy ones shows it’s a girl. This sounds quite ridiculous as your urine colour during pregnancy is likely associated with your hydration habits. If you are drinking sufficient water, your urine colour is typically more clear. It may appear darker if you are dehydrated.

5. Hair growth

Rapid hair growth with more lustre during pregnancy is believed to be associated with boys while it’s said that women pregnant with baby girls tend to lose lots of hair during pregnancy.

Severe acne or pimple breakouts is also said to be associated with carrying a baby girl while women carrying a boy tend to have lots of skin glow with less skin troubles.

The truth, however, is that the several rapid changes in hormones during pregnancy play varying tricks on women.

6. Size of your bump

A ‘basketball’ belly with no significant weight gain in other body part is said to mean it’s a boy, while women with a baby girl tend to gain weight all over. This is not backed by science and sounds ridiculous. Weight gain in pregnant women and how it shows is influenced by a lot of factors and baby’s sex is not one of them.

7. The linea nigra

With boys, it’s believed the dark line that runs down the pregnant belly goes all the way to your ribcage or may be a bit crooked or broken. Like all the above, this is not also backed by scientific proof.

8. Your breasts

It is also said that women pregnant with a boy usually say their right breast is slightly bigger than the left one while it’s the opposite when it’s a girl. Breast changes, however, have nothing to do with your baby’s sex. It’s likely just your surging hormones at work.

9. Carrying

A low pregnant belly, closer to the pelvis, is usually associated with baby boys while a high one is said to be associated with baby girls. However, how you carry is likely influenced by your muscle tone and body type.


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