Late Abubakar Audu's son says fathers shoes too big for him

Mohammed Abubakar Audu, son of late former governor of Kogi state, one year after the death of his father, Prince Abubakar Audu, has said that the shoes left by his father were too big for him to step into, while also dispelling the rumour that there was a crack in the political family left behind by Audu, saying all those that believed in the former governor were still intact.


Mohammed, who spoke on Tuesday during the one year remembrance prayer for his father held at his country home in Ogonicha, Ofu local government area of Kogi State, said it had been difficult managing the members of the political family after the demise of his father.  He however said he was learning the rope faster and would continue to sustain the values and ideals for which his father was known.

Speaking on the perceived crack in the political family of his father, he said, “I don’t necessarily think so because I believe that a crack can come from people who do not believe in him but if you believe in him there won’t be any crack and I have not seen any crack.” The junior Audu said one thing important for him was to ensure that the structure left behind by his father is intact.  He said, “It has been a very huge responsibility to carry on with the biological and political families and most of his supporters coming from the background of not being an active politician, his death came as a rude shock and remained the most painful experience in my entire life, he represented everything I stand for, and he was a pillar. Now decision making is a solo effort and with the level of achievements recorded by the former governor such decisions will be difficult to take alone.

“The political shoe is not an easy one, it is a very heavy shoe, when my father was a live he used to dance with the shoe but for men to take a step has been difficult but as a young man I will try my best.  “It is my duty to ensure that what he left behind is taken care off.  The political plan for now is to look after the structure he left behind and to look after his people because they really expressed.”



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