Mourinho sends warning to Chelsea and Liverpool over their Premier League title hopes

Jose Mourinho has warned Manchester United’s Premier League title rivals that they will endure the same mistakes from referees at some point this season.


Following the 1-1 draw with Arsenal in which United were denied a penalty in the first half, Mourinho called his side the ‘unluckiest in the Premier League’.

The stalemate against the Gunners has left United nine points behind leaders Chelsea, but Mourinho is adamant that his former club, along with the rest of the league’s frontrunners, will be on the negative end of controversial decisions before the campaign ends.

‘Some of teams who are having everything in their sights, their period for referee mistakes will arrive,’ said Mourinho.

‘The same team cant be unlucky all time.’

Mourinho also reiterated that United’s current form is not tallying up with his side’s performances during games.

‘Results not good enough, especially if you compare the results with the way the team is playing,’ said the United boss.

‘As an example, if you have a draw against Arsenal, it’s quite a normal result, it’s not a dramatic result.

‘You play so well and dominate totally and then the result becomes really bad because of the way we are performing, especially the last three matches at home. Stoke, Burnley and Arsenal.’



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