Toyin Aimakhu's Ex-lover Accused of Stealing iPhones and Mobbed Releases New Statement

In order to explain the circumstances behind the beating of producer, Seun Egbegbe after he stole a phone, the publicist has released another statement of how the incident happened.


The drama being generated by Yoruba film producer and ex boyfriend of Toyin Aimakhu, Seun Egbegbe who was beaten up at Computer village after allegedly stealing iPhones before bolting to his car has taken yet another dimension as the publicists narrates what truly happened.

The publicist wrote:

“Prior to the news filtering the social media about Seun Egbegbe accused of stolen iphones on Tuesday 22nd Nov. at Computer village, Ikeja; this is to inform the general public to debunk all negative stories published about him which is never true.

The Truth: Seun Egbegbe was at Keelcech shop, located at no 9, Medical road, ikeja, to purchase some phones. After making his order from the shop sales rep & walking towards his car to pay up the balance of the phones, the sales rep claimed he’s bolting away with the phones which was never true.

Before Seun Egbegbe could say a word to the angry mob around, he was attacked and lynched with no explanation. It was a known fact that Mr Seun Egbegbe can afford to buy thousands of iphones if needed. So why would he go to steal iphones? He is a philantropist who helps multitude in our society today with his riches from God. We will authoritatively inform you that, the issue has been settled and resolved by the two parties amicably.

Special thanks to the Nigeria Police Force, Media & concern Fans worldwide for their support. But always find out the fact and truth before publishing your reports or stories.”

Signed: Publicist/PR manager.

Seun Egbegbe & Ebony films productions.



    • How did you know that it was a lie? please be careful to conclude. God sees everything and he will judge so be careful. I thought it very impossible for his caliber to do such.

  1. Have the store owner publicly apologize to Seun to prove there was a miscommunication somewhere. Until then, this guy is a common thief. Not all popular persons are positive role models, people need to realise that.

  2. What a shame! What calibre is Seun Egbegbe? Who is he? It makes me laugh when poverty becloud sense of reasoning. The publicist or whatever he’s called cannot write genuine English and his story does not make sense. A big shame on all the actresses who have stooped low to have relationship with this boy called seun.

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